Talk about a radio program that you find interesting

Talk about a radio program that you find interesting

You should say:

  • On which radio station you heard it?

  • From where you heard about it?

  • Why do you find it interesting?

Sample 1:-

Well, radio programmes are a good source of knowledge. Luckily,  every kind of radio programme has been broadcasting on the radio such as Radio Mirchi, 92.7  Big FM and so on.

Though here I will elaborate here a radio programme which I find too much captivating. That programme is known as “Healthy India” and is programme broadcasts on Big FM channel, a very famous channel of radio telecast.

Certainly, whenever I go for a drive in my own car, then I just listen to radio programmes. Last Sunday, I was going to a picnic with my friends via my own car. So, on the way, I started listening to radio programmes on Big FM.  Surprisingly, on that time, a famous, as well as the interesting programme “Healthy India”, was broadcasting on Big FM. All the contents of this programme were very effective and efficient. This radio programme was hosted by a famous radio jokey Manpreet and he was talking with a doctor named  Rajesh Gupta.

In this programme, RJ Manpreet asked a plethora of questions from Dr.  Gupta related to health such as good exercises, healthy diet yoga and so on.


Lovingly, all the information was very knowledgeable because through this programme I was able to know about many things by which I can live a healthy life. So, at that time I was on the ninth cloud by happiness. All the opinions related to health were given by a doctor.

So,  I enjoyed the whole programme while driving until reaching a picnic spot. Besides me, my friends who were also going with me on a picnic were also appreciating this “Healthy India” Programme. Next day, I checked the programme’s timing on the internet that when it broadcasts on Big FM.

Eventually, I listen to this programme when it broadcasts on Big FM. Sometimes I record by downloading this “Healthy India ” programme and listen to it in my free time.

Gradually by my perspective,  captivating and knowledgeable programmes are rarely broadcast on the radio which aware public to be fit and healthy.


Sample 2:-

Like all, we know the world has become faster and everyone is busy in their own circumstances. Nobody has time to relax or thinking about own. So, it becomes stressful for everyone. I was also too much busy with my schedule and had not much time to relax.

But a couple of months ago, I heard about a program from my friend which is telecast-ed on the radio station. He said to me that this program is about daily facts like they discuss a general topic relate to the common man’s life and also play songs in between the program. The program is named as ‘Shaam Suhani’ and telecast on ‘Dhol radio’ from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., daily.

Furthermore, my friend praised this program a lot. So, I started to hear it. Soon, it becomes my favorite I program. Actually, now I’m thinking I become addicted to it. Now, I make it possible daily that I can hear it. They discuss basic issues; people make calls to them and also ask questions to the experts who are present on the radio at that time. I also made calls to them and luckily I connected to them successfully.

After starting to hear this program, I realized that it is not hard to find time for your self until you don’t have the right and satisfying thing to do. Moreover, It makes me refresh after all day work and make me energetic to do some other works. I must say, it also increases my knowledge and I enjoy a lot it. I am and will always be thankful to my friend who told me about this.


Question: Young people like to listen to the radio?

Answer: Nowadays, folks prefer to watch TV, watch videos and listen to music on mobile phones. People do not like to listen to the radio because they also watch the video which things they listen to.

Question: In your country, people more like to listen to the radio or watch tv?

Answer: In my country India, all folks have different choice related to both things but, according to me elders always love to listen to radio programmes as compared to, young age group and kids because they like to watch tv with friends and family.

Question: Do you like a radio programme?

Answer: Actually, I do work in beauty company and I do not have enough time to listen radio pr0ogrammes but when I go outside for work and shopping by car, that time I always prefer to listen to musical radio programmes and enjoy a lot.

Question: Have you ever given radio as a gift to someone?

Answer: No, I never give radio as a gift to someone because, in a modern era, everybody likes to receive expensive gifts as well as, people like photo frames, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets.








Talk about a radio program that you find interesting

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