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Describe a time when you had some medicine

Describe a time when you had some medicine

You should say:

What was the problem?

When it was?

Describe a time when you had some medicine

Sample 1:-

Well, I do not like to have medicines for just little ailment such as headache, mouth swelling and so on. Because I like to heal such diseases with the help of home remedies. But at times, I have to take medicine when the problem becomes big. And here I would like to talk about a situation when I had medicine. I explain it briefly.

About two months ago, I was riding on my cycle in my alley. Their other boys were playing a food ball in the open place in front of my house. They were speaking loudly with joy. Suddenly a car came into my alley but blew no horn. Because it is prohibited there to blow the horn. I did not know when it came because it was very fast. That car hit to my cycle.

I fall down on the earth. I was screaming with pain. My mother took me to my locality’s doctor named Dr. Preet. The doctor checked me up and prescribed some medicines for me. I had a wound on my left elbow as well as a joint problem in my left foot.

Dr. Preet adviced me to take rest for a week. so, at that time, I had been taking medicines as well as taking rest in my bedroom. On that time, I was unable to go to college.

So, I spent that time with my mother. All in all, that time was very difficult for me but my mother made it beneficial for me because we both shared many things with each other and loved each other.

Sample 2:-

Well! I don’t like to take medicines for small reasons. But in my life, I had to go to a doctor and take medicine numerous times to stay away from diseases and keep myself healthy. And here, I would like to talk about the last incident that happened to me.

A couple of months ago, I went to bed for sleeping but when I woke up the next morning, I felt pain in my joints. I thought it was a minor pain problem. Furthermore, I skipped my morning walk but the pain did not decrease even I started feeling fever in my body. I was unable to concentrate on my work.

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Then, my mother advised me to take medicine from a doctor in a proper way. Moreover, I went to the near hospital in my home to take medicine. When I met my doctor, he easily understood my problem and told me that it was a viral illness. He gave me some tablets as well as syrup to control the fever.

Then I took the medicine as recommended by the doctor and after a few hours, I saw a change in myself. So, this was a time when I had to take medicine to take relief from pain and fever.


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