Describe What Type of Books You Prefer

Describe what type of books you prefer the most (Novels, Sports, Travel Books). Please say the IELTS exam

  • Why do you like this particular genre?
  • When did you first discover it?

Well, I am very fond of reading. It improves our knowledge as well as communication skills. 📚 I read so many books, such as novels, comics, and sports books most of all.

The reason behind it is when I read a novel, it always entertains me and makes me feel relaxed when I am alone. Last month, I read a novel Think And Grow Rich, which is written by Napoleon Hill.

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This novel is based on inspirational stories and is promoted as a personal development and self-improvement book. 🌟 In this novel, Hill talks about how to build your “self-confidence” and “self-esteem.”

Hill always wrote motivational stories that inspire the reader. After reading this novel, readers gain knowledge on how to earn income and build confidence. 💼

Whenever I start reading a novel, then I forget everything else, and I repent later on. So, I like to read motivational novels. 📘💡

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