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Describe What Type of Books You Prefer

Describe What Type of Books You Prefer

Describe what type of books you prefer the most (Novels, Sports, Travel Books). Please say the IELTS exam

Well, I am very fond of reading. It improves our knowledge as well as communication skills. 📚 I read so many books, such as novels, comics, and sports books most of all.

The reason behind it is when I read a novel, it always entertains me and makes me feel relaxed when I am alone. Last month, I read a novel Think And Grow Rich, which is written by Napoleon Hill.

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This novel is based on inspirational stories and is promoted as a personal development and self-improvement book. 🌟 In this novel, Hill talks about how to build your “self-confidence” and “self-esteem.”

Hill always wrote motivational stories that inspire the reader. After reading this novel, readers gain knowledge on how to earn income and build confidence. 💼

Whenever I start reading a novel, then I forget everything else, and I repent later on. So, I like to read motivational novels. 📘💡

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