Describe your dream job!

Describe your dream job! You should say-

  • what is it?
  • Where did you hear it from?
  • How long do you want to do it?
  • Would you recommend this job to others?

Well, every living human being and every working professional has this dream to be in the topmost position in his company or to work in a multinational company. Well, I differ a bit over here in this time of coronavirus pandemic. I just came across a brilliant opportunity, but I have to tell you a bit of background of it in 2020 December. It was frustrating for me because I was overloaded with work and had some family problems.

So I decided to end the breath and meditation workshop, which is conducted by a non-profit organisation called the art of living. So basically, I enrolled and attended their three days workshop after attending a workshop this thought a noble thought I must say came to my mind that if I were allowed to do whatever I like, I would prefer to be a teacher in the art of living these teachers are helping human beings across the globe to improve their state of mind and to get the Peace of Mind, so this is my dream job. I would love to do that first as I come from well to do background financially, so it would not be challenging for me to leave my job and chase my dream. My wife is also working in a very reputed organisation and has an outstanding designation.

So it is not challenging for me to leave my job. Secondly, I have also started working towards achieving my dream. I have also consulted views of the art of living teachers and how they became part of living teachers, so they have also guided me to follow specific guidelines to become a teacher. Before that, the professionals have to be assessed that I would be able to commit certain hours in a day as service. So in this way, I would not only suffice my needs, but I will also serve the humanity my Gran father always used to tell me that we should always have that courage to return to society whatever they have given to us, so certainly I would love to do this job to guide people in their lives and to take them out of their problem and bring smile on everyone’s face.

Follow-Ups Describe your dream job!

1. Is money important in choosing a job?

Well, money is an element that is driving this world crazy, and indeed we should consider money while choosing a job. If it is not satisfying, we should not be doing that job because monetary advantages are everything at the end of the month.

2. What are the challenges employees are facing with the work from the home trend?

Haha, for this question, I can write an essay because I have been working from home since 2019 December as I’m working as a professional, so basically, there are no time limits when I used to go into office there were certain time limits for me that I check in at 10:00 AM and I checkout at 7:30. Still, since work from home is established now, there are no time limits for me. Secondly, there are no salary hikes as such companies are giving us excuses that we are already working from home and saving a lot because we don’t need to wear fancy clothes as well as we don’t need to travel so we are saving a lot that’s why they didn’t give hike in the previous year that’s what work from home is damaging in this time of coronavirus pandemic.

3. Is working from home more beneficial than working from the office?

Well, as far as I am concerned, I will go with a hybrid approach where certain teams can meet in the office if required, but if it is not required and if someone is sitting back in their village or hometown, then they should not be called office having said that he or she is doing their job perfectly.

4. In what way it is beneficial?

Yes, work from home is beneficial in many ways. I can tell you many things about it firstly we can work from anywhere like just in the previous month my father was not doing well in my village. Hence, I travel to my village via train and stay there for a month. Having said that wherever you travel you need to have a strong and reliable Internet connection, secondly it saves a lot of money in terms of transportation. You don’t need to buy formal or casual clothes to wear in the office third. The most important thing is whenever a female candidate is giving born to a child. She will be able to take care of her or him for a longer duration as maternity leave in India I just nine months, so with the help of work from home, she will take care of her children for a long time is preferred by her.

5. what are the disadvantages of working from home?

As mentioned earlier there are many ways when work from home is not beneficial firstly there are no time limits secondly companies are giving fewer hikes because they are throwing excuses as employees are saving a lot in terms of accommodation and transportation thirdly we cannot code in it with our team members frequently we used to do in the office fourthly and most importantly I would say that I missed the office culture like meeting the colleagues green treating I’m having lunch with having a team meeting or going on lunch together, so there are a lot of disadvantages of not going to the office and sitting back at your home and doing the job.

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