Talk About a Time When You Changed Your Opinion

Talk about a time when you changed your opinion. You should say :

  • When was it?
  • What was the original opinion?
  • Why you changed it?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

Well, it happens many times when people make plans, and they change frequently. Sometimes they change their plan because they get fed up as well as they want to bring some modifications in their opinion. Similarly happened to me. It was a time when I was invited to my friend’s birthday party, and I decided to buy an expensive dress. Because my friend was highly fashionable so she suggested I buy the same gown which she would be wearing at that time. So I thought of purchasing it from the shopping mall. When I visited a nearby shopping mall, I saw different kinds of dresses and the prices were very high.

But as I had to go to attend the function, so I need to buy without thinking twice. I was about to utilize my whole saving; but, suddenly my phone rang, and I picked my phone. It was from my mother. My mother suggested I buy the gown from the local market at reasonable rates. I was reluctant, but I changed my plan and went back from that place to the local shop. When I saw the same dress in the local market, I was surprised to see that the fabric was the same and the embroidery was a little bit different, but there were selected pieces, and everything was ok with the dress.

I was happy because I had to wear it only once. So I bought it, and I saved a lot of money. After passing a few days, my phone stopped working and really I had a dire need for a mobile phone because of my office work and chatting with friends. So I thanked my mother, who persuaded me to change my Idea and it’s due to my mother that I was able to buy a new phone. So it was the time when I changed my opinion.

Part 3 Questions Talked About a Time When You Changed Your Opinion

Question 1:- Do children like to change opinions?

Yes, of course, children like to change their opinion because they are not satisfied with their single plan, and they have a habit of changing their plans frequently in order to remove their monotony because they get bored with their plan. They get attracted when any new idea comes to their mind.

Question 2:- Why do people change opinions?

People change their opinions because they don’t get success sometimes, they get fed up, and to bring modifications in their life, they changed their opinions.

Question 3:- Who do young people turn to for advice?

Well, young people look for oldsters in order to take advice because oldsters have seen many ups and downs in their life and they know that they will get valuable advice. Moreover, they also get advice from their parents, peer groups as well.

Question 4:- Do people like giving an opinion about politics?

Yes, people do. Now people take more interest in political affairs. The classic example is the farmers’ protest in Delhi. So people give their opinion, and they have various sources to give their opinion like now they have access to the internet and they can post their comments.

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