IELTSFever Cue Card Example Describe Your Favorite Weather

IELTSFever cue card example Describe your favorite weather

  • What kind of whether it is?
  • When this weather usually occurs?
  • What you usually do during this weather?
  • Explain how this weather affects you.
  • And explain why you like this type of weather.

India is a diverse country, offering a variety of climates 🇮🇳🌦️. We experience hot summers, cold winters, and both wet and dry conditions. Among these, I have a particular fondness for the “Rainy weather,” which I prefer over other weather conditions ☔️.

Typically occurring from July to September, the onset of the rainy season, also known as “Monsoon,” can vary across different parts of the country due to pollution 🏭💧. This season is crucial as it brings the majority of the region’s annual rainfall.

I thoroughly enjoy the rainy weather. During this time, many people, including myself, relish eating spicy snacks, a perfect complement to the cool, wet days 🌶️🍲. However, the rain also impacts daily life; children are unable to play outdoors, and it’s less convenient to go outside 🚫⚽️.

Yet, I love this weather because it offers me a chance to relax at home, watch the rain from my balcony, and indulge in my love for music and trying new snacks 🏡🎶.

In contrast, the summer brings excessively hot weather, which I find uncomfortable 🌞🔥. The rainy season provides a much-needed respite from this heat. Winter, on the other hand, can be bitterly cold in India, making it challenging to fully enjoy outdoor activities ❄️🧣.

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Overall, the rainy season is the ideal time for visiting places like hill stations, where the monsoon weather can even bring snowfall, adding to the enjoyment of the scenery and atmosphere 🏔️❄️.

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