Describe Your First Day at School or College

Describe your first day at school or college

  • Where was it?
  • What happened?
  • how do you feel on that day?

Sample 1

I have been hard-working since my school days. I still remember my first day of graduation course when I was 19, I guess. I became a graduate of S.R. Government College for women, Amritsar. This is one of the most renowned colleges in Punjab. Luckily after scoring 80% in my senior studies, I got admission there. I still remember it was the first week of July when I had my first class at this college. There were five lectures in a day, and in the third lecture, there was a teacher named Mrs Reena Roy who shared her work-life experience with all of us. She is an inspiring personality of our college, and the way she told all of us bout the hardships of subjects of the course and the also the ways to excel in these was outstanding. She even had a pep-talk with all of us to make us motivated and determined to participate in curricular and non-curricular activities. Just because of her, my first day of college becomes an inspiration to me. Even today, when I have to start any new work. Her words, here motivational speech reminds me to do the work in time but precisely. When I recall my old memories, I found the first day of my college was the golden day of my life.

Sample 2

Scientifically, good or bad memories any individual gets from a different period may reflect the daily routine. Although I have been to three schools in my life, I don’t have a clear remembrance of my primary schools, so I would like to talk about my first Uni day. My university’s name is RMIT school, which is affiliated with the Australian school education board. What impressed me the most was the eco-friendly and green building design. The building had seven stories in total, and my classroom was on the first floor. It had double-walled construction for heat insulation, high-efficiency air conditioning systems, solar energy usage, and wastewater recycling and treatment. All the classrooms across the school were enabled with smart boards, which facilitate the learning of the students in more detail. There were all types of labs, such as computer, chemistry, physics, biology, and home science lab, which were equipped with the latest technology. The great thing about the building was that each of its floors was fully equipped with fire extinguishing tools. I was very nervous on the first day because I had heard a lot about the school rules and their strictness. Except for one of all, my classmates were new. We have entered the class half an hour before the time, and we felt relaxed when we started to talk with other students. After that, we were all introduced to the function of each room and had a meeting with senior students for a discussion of experience what to do.

Follow-ups of Describe Your First Day at School or College

Question 1:- Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves?

Answer 1:- I think when kids are going to start their school, especially at the elementary level, parents must go with them to build their confidence to excel in a new field but in the later age of schooling, they can choose as their requirement. If they have time, travel time is less, and they should otherwise, they can let them go on their own.

Answer 2:- It may be up to each person, but to me, I think it should be divided into separate periods. For instance, from 1 to 10 years old, parents should drive their kids to school since they are still immature and naïve, which may be the target for the kidnapper. Over 11 years old, students need to gain their independence by driving their own to school.

Question 2:- Should children rely on their parents or be independent?

Answer:- I think the very best friend, mentor and also good adviser is parents so they should have trust in them because, in the end, it’s only parents who help them in the difficult time and are always ready to teach the kith and kind of life.

Answer 2:- Personally saying, I prefer children to be self-reliant since this may create soft skills for them to survive in the real world after graduating from university. However, those being overdependent on parents hardly succeed in the career path. For instance, Japanese children are prepared with independence at an early age by their parents to make sure they have a stable job afterwards.

Question 3:- How can children become more independent?

Answer:- teaching kids good habits from the very starting point would definitely help them to be independent. Additionally, when we are going to do something on their own, we should wait and watch them let the things be sorted by them only. I think starting from this, they will think of doing work by themselves rather than taking any help from others on petty matters.

Answer 2:- I think it can start with trivial things like doing the washing up and cooking, while their own parents are away from home. Furthermore, encouraging kids to read books on a daily basis is another way worth mentioning, as this activity can enhance their knowledge and explore more about themselves.

Question 4:- What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?

Answer:- As we all know, excess of anything is bad. If it is the involvement of parents in every matter of kids, definitely kids won’t show any interest in having interaction with them. Instead, they start hiding things and will have an isolated, irritable nature than otherwise.

Answer 2:- One of the most undesirable consequences that can happen is over-reliance on parents. As a result, adolescents hardly make up any decisions for themselves and are easily taken for a ride by criminals.

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