Talk About a Time You Made a Promise to Someone

Talk about a time you made a promise to someone

  • Whom did you make the promise to?
  • What the promise was?
  • Why do you make the promise?
  • Was the promise easy to achieve?

Sample 1

Well, people make promises sometimes they make promises to go outside with friends, to do shopping as well as to spend some time with them. Similarly, I also made a promise to my daughter. Her summer vacations were going on, and she was completely free from schoolwork. So she requested to me to play with her Dollhouse, and I made a promise to play with the Dollhouse till her holidays every day in the evening time. I made a promise because, during her school timing, I was not able to play with her. I was totally busy with my domestic as well as work responsibilities so could hardly make it.

Anyhow I managed it. I just wanted to bring a smile to the face of my daughter. I consider the early years of a child are very crucial, and they can develop overall. So I don’t want to make my child disappoint. Although it was very difficult to spare some time to play with her, I spared some time after doing my domestic work, and in this way, I really felt stressed free by playing some time with my daughter. I felt a change in my behaviour. I was more energetic, and it also built up my imagination more. She also developed good communication skills as we used to play and communicate in English. So it was the best way to bring some modifications in the behaviour of my child.

Also, prior to this, she was very adamant, but after playing some days, she was more jovial and confident. So I played with her in her vacations, and I was very happy that I kept my word, and I hope in the future if ever I make a promise with her, I would be able to fulfil it.

Sample 2

I remember I made a promise to my younger sister about taking her out to dance on Sunday night.

By then, I was in the tertiary school and was almost about completing the school, but my sister had completed high school not long ago, and she asked me to take her out on that very day since most of her friends were going to be present at the dance too.

I also wanted to do this to motivate my sister since she had toiled through the hardships of secondary school and completed successfully, for which she needed to release some stress.

I was caught handicapped just a day before the occasion when I had to call off the outing with my sister due to an impromptu class appointment from one of our lecturers, which was scheduled for Sunday, which was the very day we were supposed to go for the occasion. And also, there was a surprise quiz which was scheduled for Monday too.

My sister wasn’t happy at all but had to accept it like that so we could plan on another occasion, even if not when I was in school, for which we could go when I had also completed school and joined her in the house.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time You Made a Promise to Someone

Question 1:- Do parents in your country make a lot of promises to their children?

Answer 1:- Yes, parents make a lot of promises to their children because they love them and want to see them happy. Moreover, sometimes, they live alone in the absence of their parents because of the clock job of parents. So parents understand it and keep their word.

Answer 2:- Parents make a lot of promises to their children. For instance, my dad made a lot of promises to me in my younger school days about getting me a lot of stuff if I am to come top of my class in some exams or contests.

Question 2:- Do children also make a lot of promises to their parents?

Answer 1:- Definitely children also make promises with their parents like they make a promise to get good marks in the exams as well as developing good habits, always speaking the truth. Moreover, they also make a promise to their parents to obey them and respect elderly people.

Answer 2:- Children make a lot of promises to their parents with the idea to make them proud of them. For instance, a child may promise his/her parents about getting higher scores or coming first in a test or a contest.

Question 3:- Are most people able to fulfil their promises?

Answer 1:- Well, people try to keep their word, but due to sudden ill health, the unexpected arrival of guests makes them unable to keep their words. Otherwise, they fulfil their promises.

Answer 2:- Most of these promises are not being able to be fulfilled. My father, for instance, made a promise to me about getting me a bicycle if I am to come first in a particular semester.

Question 4:- How do you feel when others break their promises?

Answer 1:- I feel depressed if others do not keep their words. It disheartens the people, and they do not believe in others for their Incredulous nature.

Answer 2:- It’s heartbreaking when one fails to fulfil a promise being made to you, and this can cause the person to lose all their trust in such people.

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