Describe your holidays ielts exam speaking cue card

Talk about your holidays IELTS exam speaking cue card

-Where you go for holidays?

-How long they last?

-Who you go with?

And explain how you enjoy your holidays.

Well, I enjoy al my holidays such as summer vacations, winter holidays and so on. But here      I would like to talk about the winter holidays in detail. Every year, in the end, of the month of December, I have the winter holidays and teacher do not give homework for these holidays. I like these vacations for a number of reasons. I describe it.

Firstly, I go to my maternal home with my mother to spend these holidays. My granny loves me a lot as well as she cooks a plethora of winter dishes for me such as “Gajar Ka Halwa”, “Rice Pudding”, “Ras malai”, and so on. I spend time with my maternal uncle’s children. We together play hide and seek.

Secondly, during the winter season, a variety of dry fruits are easily available in the market and I like to eat its little quantity. I go on shopping with my mother and purchase some dry fruits such as Almonds, Wall-nuts, Groundnuts and so on. These dry fruits warm our body in the cold winter season and protect it from diseases such as cough, running nose, sneezing and so on.

Thirdly, in the winter season, days are dry and there are no rashes as well as no sweat on my body. So, I can play any game with my near and dear ones. Moreover, I wear woolen clothes in cold weather of bright colors because in the summer vacations you have to wear just dull and light-colored clothes. Every year in the winter holidays, I purchase woolen clothes.


Furthermore, during my winter holidays,  I celebrate the most popular festival named Christmas. This festival is celebrated as a good memory of  Jesus Christ’s birth. It comes on the 25th of December and it is celebrated worldwide. In this festival, Christian people pray to Lord for their goodness. They grow a Christmas tree in the front of their homes and decorate it with colorful things such as small balls, toys, electronic lights and so on. Santa Claus distributes the gifts to the juveniles on this event. I have a Christian friend named Saba and I go to her home at this festival. We together enjoy this event and eat a number of dishes cooked by Saba’s mother.

All in all, I love the winter holidays which give me a number of new experiences. There are no worries during the winter holidays. I feel myself in paradise during the winter holidays and I  wait for it impatiently every year.

Holidays In Your Country IELTS speaking cue card with answer IELTS EXAM

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Describe your holidays IELTS exam speaking cue card Describe your holidays IELTS exam speaking cue card

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