Talk about a practical skill that you have ielts exam

Talk about a practical skill that you have.

-What is it?

-How often you use it?

-Who taught it to you?

And explain how it is helpful for you.

Well, each and every person has practical skills which he or she uses in his work. There are a number of practical skills such as painting, drawing building maps, culinary skills, teaching skills and so on. But here I would like to talk about my own skill named computer and web designing skills. I have been learning it since my sixth standard. I describe it briefly.

About many years ago, my uncle named Rahul came to my home from Australia. At that time, I was in the sixth standard. He bought a computer for me as a gift because he met me for the first time.  I did not know to operate it but Uncle taught me. He is a web designer. So, my computer skills started with it.

First of all, I learned drawing and painting pictures on the computer with the help of software named  MS Paint. I had drawn circles and colored them differently. I have yet drawing which I had painted in my childhood. After some time, I started typing in software named MS Word. I became perfect in coloring to the text, make the bold and Italic and so. I felt immensely glad when I tried each and everything on the computer.

Moreover,  during my school time, if my computer teacher taught a computer skill related to computer subject in my practical class, then I learned it properly and tried it at home on my own computer. As a result, till my tenth class, I became able to use Wordpad, Notepad, MS office and so on. In addition, in my Eleventh and Twelth standard, I learned programming languages such as C, C++, and HTML. I practiced these languages on my computer. I started designing web pages in HTML coding such as admission forms, tables, buttons graphs and so on. It was just static HTML coding which I learned.

Furthermore, I have done my graduation in a computer course named “Computer Applications”. In the present time, I am working for a web designing company named “The Creative Minds”. There, I have learned to make a dynamic website. I have been working there for one year and I have gained a lot of information as well as computer skills over there.

Eventually, by the grace of God, I love to do my work on the computer. I have been learning more and more technical skills which help me to earn my bread. So, this is a practical skill that I have.


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[2]Why students should focus on practical fields of education than theoretical aspects?

[3] Why having technical skills are important?

Talk about a Skill that takes a long time to learn

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Talk about a practical skill that you have

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