Describe Your Ideal House. Please Say Speaking IELTS Exam

Describe your ideal house. Please say speaking IELTS exam

  • Where do you want the house to be?
  • What should it look like?
  • How many people should it accommodate?

To be honest, I love my home where I live, but since you asked me for an ideal home, let me tell you about my dream home; it should be different from my current one. Where I am living now is a very crowded area because of its location in between urban areas. However, my dream home would be situated between rural and urban areas 🏡🌳. The reason behind this is my love for nature and greenery; if my home were outside of cities, then I would be very close to nature 🌱.

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My ideal home would not be too big, just like a bungalow; it should have all modern facilities in it 🏠✨. I dream of having a kitchen garden in my dream house where I will grow seasonal fruits and vegetables 🍅🥒. Apart from that, it will have a beautiful lawn outside the home where I will spend my leisure time 🌼🪴.

I also want a small home theatre in my ideal home so that I can watch movies with my family 📽️🍿. In addition to it, my bedroom would be perfect with all specific facilities like Wi-Fi connection, beautiful wall paintings, a small library for books, and modern or stylish furniture 🛏️📚. Last but not least, the kitchen of my dream house would be moderate with the latest kitchen tools or gadgets which help me in cooking and baking 🍳🍰.

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I would like to live with all my family in my dream home, and I wish to construct it as soon as possible 🏡💖.

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