Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know: Speaking Cue Card

Talk about a famous athlete you know

  • Who he/she is,
  • How do you know him/her,
  • What has he/she achieved,
  • and why he/she is famous.

Sample 1 Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Well, there are a plethora of athletes in India as well as in other nations, but here I would like to talk about a famous athlete who is also very famous at the present time. The name of the athlete is Milkha Singh, known as the flying sikh.

As I knew about him in my study books during school time but three years when I watched a movie made on the biography of Milkha Singh, I came to know many things about his life.

First, he belonged to a lower family and served in the Indian army, from where he was introduced to sports. He is from Punjab and has participated in various national and international athletic competitions.

I came to know about him deeply from his movie. He was a runner. He was a very hard-working man who performed his game full of effort. He has participated in different competitions of running where he won the gold medal.

He has also represented India in the Olympics 3 times. And always won the gold medal for the country. I think his efforts inspired individuals to participate in different sports activities to make a better future in games.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Question 1:- What kinds of exercises do Indian people like?

Answer – Well, Indian people like to do walking, jogging, yoga and other exercises which make their bodies fit and healthy. Additionally, some people like to play games like cricket, hockey, badminton and so on.

Question 2:- What characteristics do you think an athlete should have?

Answer – In my opinion, an athlete should value time, Harding work, sportsman spirit and activity. These things make a person a good athlete.

Question 3:- Why are there so few top athletes?

Answer – Well, sports require a lot of things like teamwork, an active body, being punctual and other things which one can not easily afford. Apart from this, due to the academic burden majority of individuals do not like to participate in physical activities.

Question 4:- What’s the best way to become a top athlete?

Answer – As I mentioned above, plenty of requirements help make a person a top athlete. I think passion is the first key factor to being a good athlete.

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