Describe Your Ideas About Love Cue Card

Describe your ideas about love Cue Card

Sample Answer Describe Your Ideas About Love Cue Card

Well, love is considered a soft feeling for someone’s from the core of your heart and it describes how close you take another person to you. Love is like a passion and it brings two personalities together to live together, like each other, and take care of each other. And Love is a god-gifted feeling which emerges from our inside and is taken naturally.

Love is taken as the most powerful feeling and it is recognized all over the world without any color and generation or tribe. It is often called “Love begets love “and it brings someone’s mind to think about someone, feel about someone and judge someone.

Some people believe in love at first sight, whereas others consider it a wastage of time. They consider love as destruction towards a career-making and take it as a hindrance in their progress.


Since the dawn of the world, love is considered to be the softest view of thinking and 14th February is celebrated as love day all over the world. Lovers present gifts and red roses to each other and make promises to live together forever. Many Poets have described love in their poems and some became famous all over the world because of their romantic poetry.

I am self-esteemed that love is the most powerful feeling of humans and must be respected. Love may be with parents, brothers, sisters, or friends and wife. it has many angles and each angle of love is based on truthfulness and faithfulness.

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