Talk About the Importance of Planning

Talk About the Importance of Planning Speaking Cue card

Sample Answer Talk About the Importance of Planning

Planning is a very important and precious thing in individuals’ lives as I never believed in this word earlier. When I was a kid, I never paid much attention or given worth to this simple verb, so I did I struggled a lot in the early days of my life. For example, I never prepared for exams unless one day before the finals, then my result did sum-up my reality.

Though I got to know planning is very precious and it has its own worth we cannot shun it. Currently, I realize that everything must be done according to plan, which definitely produces better results and success.

Writing an essay during the exam required a plan and proper execution. Railway wire in India was impromptu in the old days where many passengers used to complained and tired of their journey, but circumstances have changed, now trains to arrive on time and people are also enjoying the success of better planning.

We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. they are used in business, hospitals, crime detection, and even to fly planes. what things will they be used for in the future? is this dependence on computers id good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits?

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