Describe Your Idol: Speaking Cue Card

Describe your idol

  • Who is your idol?
  • Why and how did this person become your idol?
  • How has this person impacted your life?

Sample 1 Describe Your Idol

There are a number of people I have met in my life. But no one has any specific qualifications to become an idol, but today I want to talk about that person who becomes an idol for me within a short duration of time.

My friend’s father is a doctor. As I recoiled, during this pandemic situation when everyone wants to stay at home and want their self-secure from infection. At that time, his father was performing his duties more than regular hours. During that time, one patent came to my friend’s house; his wife or child got infected with the Covie-19 virus, and he did not have enough money to save his family.

This father just came from the hospital and took berth to have his lunch, but he skipped his lunch and went with that person to see his family. By wearing cloth, he looks like a very poor person; he had not enough money to buy an oxygen cylinder or medicine.

My friend’s father admitted his family to his own hospital and took care of all his medical bills without any selfishness. That was the incident which inspired me more to always do someone help in either situation is anything. And from that day, I’m considering him as my idol. And always help needy people whenever I see them.

Sample 2 Describe Your Idol

Without a shadow of a doubt, my father is the most important in my life. He taught me to walk, read, help others and sometimes fight for justice. I talk about my idol in life- my father.

When I got this topic to talk about, I had no doubt that my father had been, and still is, the most influential person in my life. Due to his unconditional love, and his instrumental guidance for me in every stage of my life, he is the most obvious choice for me to talk about.

My father taught me the importance of morality and honesty in life and showed me how to become a good human. He also taught me the qualities of a good person and how to form good and reliable relationships with others. So the person I have become is greatly inspired by my father.

I will give you an example of how he guided me my whole life by telling you about an event. I was the top scorer in my school days, but my grades started declining in college.

Noticing that he started spending more time with me and put in his every effort – including hiring two home tutors, taking me to libraries, and consulting with my college teachers to ensure I retained my good grades.

During the process, he had never been rude and said that exam results were unimportant. As a person, he is kind, hard-working, patient and understanding, not to mention his sense of humour that allows him to get on well with almost everybody.

He was a successful dentist. I feel very close to him and would be ready to do anything and everything humanly possible to make him happy, the same way he did for me his whole life.

Follow-Up Questions Describe Your Idol

Question 1. Do you actually believe in idols?

Answer 1:- Yes, I do. There are two reasons behind it, firstly we always get motivation from their efforts or work. Secondly, whenever we fill low in life, at that time, we recoil from our idol’s life difficulties and achievements; we forget everything and start doing work again. That is why I believe in idols.

Answer 2:- To be honest, I would say yes, but in terms of exploring, you definitely need an idol or a Guru because only an experienced one can guide you the way.

Question 2. Do you think having an idol makes you a better person?

Answer 1:- Yes, I do. In my opinion, everyone has one idol person in their life, from him, they learn how to face problems, either they can be their father, mother, friends etc. firstly, they guide us about right or wrong things. They help us to show the good paths which help us to become a good person in our life.

Answer 2:- I personally believe that making an idol in life is also beneficial for us to be a better person because if we choose our role model, then we can fulfil the requirements of life and we can also learn a lot of things from them.

Question 3. Do you idolize yourself?

Answer 1:- NO… I don’t, might in future I will. The reason behind it is that currently, I’m not in a position where I can consider myself an idolized. But I’m always trying to do good work and don’t want to hurt anyone from my work, which can lead me to be an idol person.

Answer 2:- To frankly speaking, this is not my kind of thing because I believe I just started my journey and still have to go a long way to become an idol for someone.

Question 4. Who do you idolize the least?

Answer 1:- I never meet anyone in my life, but I can say a person who always thinks about himself and takes his work on the property; I’m listing him under the least categories.

Answer 2:- I think there are a number of people whom I consider the least idolise. One of my siblings are always speaking lie in front of everyone and also doing irritating activities which make everyone angry, so these types of people never be an idol to anyone.

Question 5. What could this person do that would make you consider them not to be your idol anymore?

Answer 1:- First of all, by nature or to be pretended for someone to consider him as an idol person are very different. However, I want some qualities in my idol: being a nature lover, helping nature, always thinking about other people and not being selfish.

Answer 2:- He or She doesn’t need to do much. If I find a person’s behaviour and actions are hypocritical, His name will be rubbed out from my idol list with immediate effect without further notice.

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Question 6. Would you relive the moment when this person became your idol again if you had the opportunity?

Answer 1:- Yes, I do, and I don’t want to lose this opportunity at any cost because it happens only once in a blue moon. I will apply all efforts that make me an idol for not one person only for everyone.

Answer 2:- Yes, I want to relive the moment when he becomes my idol again if I get the opportunity because every day I live with my father, he always makes me more confident and gives me new ideas to make life easier.

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