Describe Your Latest Interesting Travel in Detail

Describe your latest interesting travel in detail.
When and where you go?
Whom you go with?
What things you do?

I love traveling. I have traveled about 3-4 times every month .at the time of traveling, I have met with different kinds of people in my life. But I would talk about my interesting travel. The lost month was traveling from Delhi to Ludhiana via bus. My one friend was with me. When I started my journey, an old-aged person was also traveling on the bus.

He was sitting just about nearby to me .when the bus left Delhi, he requested me to open the window; I have done that, then he was asking me about myself. He told me that his name is deep Singh and he was also going to Ludhiana .he told me that he had the head of the department of Punjabi in Punjabi University Patiala he started his conversation on the history and literature of Punjab. Because he has done a doctorate in Punjabi literature, he was partitioned in 1947.

He talked about Punjab before the partition and told how people living together with love and cooperation. But after the partition, Punjab divided into East Punjab and West Punjab, which hurt him greatly .hetold me that the people of Punjab are full of aggression, courage, and bravery .this conversation was too interesting because I got a chance to learn something. Just because of this interesting talk, my traveling became very interesting.

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