What is the interesting building in your country ?

What is the interesting building in your country?
What is it located?
What is it used for?
Explain why you think it is the most interesting?

I have visited many buildings which are interesting as well as beautiful to see. But Today, I would like to talk about an interesting building named ‘Vishal Mart ‘. It is a shopping mall which is located in the centre of my hometown Moga. All people visit there for shopping with friends and family. Because in “Vishal Mart ” there are more exciting offers are like the buy .

One get one free “, buy two get one free,” etc. According to my, this is an interesting building because there is a food hub near this shopping mall, “Vishal Mart “. This food hub is named Domino’s pizza. In this food hub, all dishes are delicious and tasty but also the “Pizza” is the very famous food of this food hub “Domino Pizza “.

All people who have visited the “Vishal Mart ” have also visited the “Domino’s pizza” food hub. last weekend, We also went to the “Vishal Mart ” for the shopping. There were, we bought some things which we wanted to buy. After shopping, We went to the food hub “Domino’s pizza “.

There where we ate ‘pizza’ as well as a “cheese parcel”.I felt very happy to eat these tasty dishes. So, I want to say that it is an interesting building and I always want to go there.


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