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Describe Your (or Your Friend’s) Experience with An Illness or Injury

Describe Your (or Your Friend’s) Experience with An Illness or Injury

Describe your (or your friend’s) experience with an illness or injury. You should say:

What it was?
When did it happen?
How you (or your friend) handled it?
and say how you feel about it now.

Sample 1 Describe Your (or Your Friend’s) Experience with An Illness or Injury

Indeed, in this contemporary epoch, there are a plethora of instances in which individuals become prey to illness because of bad conditions of products utilized in the restaurant. Even I am also one of those.

I also became the victim of the scapegoat, walking down memory lane. I vividly reminisce two years back when I was in the ten standards after completing my final examination, and I felt over the moon; therefore, I arranged a party with my kiths and kins to kill time with them.

Furthermore, as I am a foody person, I ate a myriad of Chinese food at that time and enjoyed that event because I cleared all exams with flying colours. What is more, on the next day, at the crack of dawn, I was on pins and needles, and I was on the verge of tears due to severe pain in my stomach apart from this.

Apart from this, due to the fear of my mom, I did not tell my mother about the pain, and I visited the doctor with my bosom buddy Rohit. Moreover, when I reached there, I was in tears and was enabled to say anything because it suggested to me strict bed rest. Besides this, my friend took me home and told the whole story to my mother.

In addition, my mother was seeing red on me. I felt blue. Moreover, my mother told me to hit the sack after taking medicine a doctor gave me at that time because of illness. I felt nodded of last, but not least, I suffered for around two weeks. Consequently, I fell in the dumps. To cut a long story short, that was when I faced trouble because of illness, which was an electrifying experience for me ever.

Sample 2 Describe Your (or Your Friend’s) Experience with An Illness or Injury

I would not be thrilled to talk about this incident. It was back in august 2020 when the whole world was locked down due to covid-19 virus, Me being a medical professional was under the demand to serve the country. While fulfilling my duties, I did not come to know when I got affected by the virus, and my symptoms started to show.

It was a patient-transmitted disease; I encountered a paralytic patient whose covid test was initially negative. The patient was in a coma and did not show the symptoms readily, but gradually staff treating him started showing off the signs and eventually, I got trapped too.

I remember how I immediately recognised symptoms, quarantined myself and got admitted to the covid speciality hospital. It took me 12 days to get discharged and nearly about six months to fully recover.

Now I almost feel like it is my second birth in a single life, and I am much better and stronger than I used to be.

Part 3 Questions Describe Your (or Your Friend’s) Experience with An Illness or Injury

Question 1:- How can people improve their health?

Answer 1:- Irrefutable, it is generally believed that health plays a part and parcel role in everyone’s life as health is wealth there are various ways to maintain our health by doing walking at crack of down, in fact, I also perform this outdoor activity with my father because he is a health-conscious person.

Answer 2:- Health is the output of what has been fed to the body. a Balanced diet and regular exercise are the keys to a healthy life. Following a healthy lifestyle and managing your biological clock. avoiding addictive substances can contribute to improvement in health.

Question 2:- Do elderly people exercise much in your country?

Answer 1:- Well, it varies from person to person; however, if I talk about my grandfather, he does a plethora of outdoor activities to keep fit as a feeble such as yoga, because it is also fruitful for mental development. Besides this, he deems that after doing yoga, he feels fresh as a daisy.

Answer 2:- Well, not really. They spend their time enjoying the privileges that come with old age and enjoy the fruits of their hard work during their adulthood.

Question 3:- Do you think all illnesses can be prevented?

Answer 1:- To be very honest, I believe that all illnesses are resolved because nowadays, in this contemporary epoch health sector promotes at an alarming rate, and doctors have experience in solving all kinds of issues.

Question 4:- Do you think that illnesses will be less common in the future?

Answer 1:- Definitely yes, because the enhancement in the technology in future will protect every individual from illness moreover it is also beneficial for them to lead a good as well as healthy life.

Question 5:- Do you think healthcare should be free?

Answer 1:- Because health care is the responsibility of authority, the administration should provide free medicine to the resident of the nation as individuals to save their money for the future because as future is uncertain.

Question 6:- What makes someone a good doctor?

Answer 1:- From my perspective, great things make it fascinating to physicians. First and foremost is who provides the best suggestions to their patients and charges fewer fees to poor people.

Answer 2:- A doctor with patient hearing skills, analytical mind, clinical diagnosing skills and perspective of prevention can make them a good doctor.

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