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Describe Something You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe Something You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe Something you do to keep fit and healthy

Sample Answer of Describe Something You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy: Recent Speaking Cue Card

I have started doing aquatics exercises. So I went to the public sports centre and applied for swimming and water aerobics classes. Also, I exercise myself Monday-Friday using an app on my phone. I am trying to follow a diet and eat healthier food. For swimming and water aerobics I need to go to the Public Sports Center, which is 5 minutes walking far from my house. And the others exercise I do in my house. In the Sports Center, I do with people that live around my area. I do not know then because I just have started. The exercises at home I do by myself. I think it is really good for all aspects of your life you exercise. I have gone to the gym before, but I need to stop. So, being able to come back and start a new healthy routine again is stimulating. It also helps me to relieve stress.

Follow Up Questions Describe Something You Do to Keep Fit and Healthy: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- How do children and old people keep fit and healthy?

Answer – I think there is not so much difference between people regarding how to keep fit and healthy. I think the secret is to keep a healthy alimentation and exercise. You do not need to spend hours and hours at the gym, and a constant small amount already makes a big difference.

Question 2:- What do people normally do to keep fit and healthy in your country?

Answer – They usually go to the gym. But some people do not have money to pay for it, and then they try to do free things, like running, walking or, doing as I do, finding a public centre where you can take classes for free.

Question 3:- How can parents help and guide their kids to keep healthy?

Answer – They need to stimulate them. And I think the first spet is showing them. Being healthy and active in front of them, give them an example. And, why not practise activities with them?

Question 4:- Do you think it is good for governments to utilize popular celebrities to help build health awareness?

Answer – Yes. With social media, people are usually following and trying to keep the same style of life that celebrities have. So using their popularity to show people the advantages of being healthy is a good way of marketing.

Question 5:- Do you think people in your country are less healthy today than they used to be? [Why/ why not?]

Answer – No. Technology gave people more access to information. So it is more likely people nowadays have information about how good it is to make and keep yourself healthy than 20 years ago. It is a way to be stimulated.

Question 6:- How can the government encourage young people to stay healthy?

Answer – Creating more public centres as I have near me. It will make a big difference to people that do not have enough conditions to pay for a place where they can exercise.

Question 7:- Should governments intervene to force people to do physical exercise and eat healthily? [Why? / Why not?]

Answer – No, I do not think that anything made by violence really works. The best way is to find ways to stimulate and encourage people, using social media as the principal weapon.

Question 8:- Which one is more important for a healthy life – a healthy diet or a regular exercise plan? [Why?]

Answer – I think that is a healthy diet. I say it because I had an experience in the past when I tried just to exercise without following a diet. The result was that I wasted money and time and did not get good results.

Question 9:- Why do more people visit doctors and hospitals today than at any time in the past?

Answer – I think there are two answers. The first one is that there are more hospitals available, and the second is thankful for more information access, and people are more aware of going to the hospital because they want to keep healthy to be able to have a long life.

Question 10:- Should offices have a dedicated place for exercise? How can this help employees?

Answer – I think so. It could help the employees to keep fit and healthy at their workplace. Also, it could save a lot of time, as you already have a place to exercise a few steps away, making life easier for people who cannot exercise because they do not have enough time to do it.

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