Details of Politician’s Private Lives Should Not Be Published

Details of Politician’s private lives should not be published in newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Political leaders and social workers play a huge role to make society a better place to live. Few people think that the privacy of these tycoons should not be breached by citizens or media; however, I partially disagree with this, which is explained in the below composition.

On the one hand, it can not be denied that politicians are always in the limelight because of some or other reasons. Despite playing an important role, being an individual, such legislators have all rights to limit access to their personal lives. For the community, it is important to know their background, but it does not mean that the media should follow them everywhere they go. Moreover, everyone likes to have some space and loves to spend time with family. Therefore, Media houses should always be aware of what to print and whatnot. Hence, certain demographics of the society think that newspapers should not be allowed to print such contents.

On the other hand, I slightly disagree with this as there are multiple reasons and advantages behind this. Firstly, people are always keen to know about the character of their favourite leader, which cannot be known by hearing their public speeches. This is the main reason that citizens try to gather information regarding personal lives to know these lawmakers individually. Many times it has happened that people elect a leader without bothering about the background, and they eventually end up regretting the same. It is crucial that political leaders must have a crystal clear image and no criminal charges in order to lead society. Secondly, private lives printed in newspapers enlighten youngsters about their idol leader’s life story, which can inspire them to become a leader in future. For example, a recent survey in the USA states that people are always curious to know about the personal life of the presidential candidates so that it can help them to decide whom to give their precious vote. Thus, I trust that not all things, but few parts, such as education, criminal backgrounds, family, property, life story of politicians, be published.


To conclude, though there must be some restrictions, I am partially inclined towards the idea to publish the personal lives of such civil servants so that it can be helpful to society to follow a true leader.

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  1. Politics and social workers play a huge role to make society a better place to live. I would not go so far say that private lives of politicians do not publish in news paper. I totally disagree with this notion and this essay would shed light on the valid stand points in the upcoming paragraphs

    On the one hand politicians have the major responsibility in a society. They have more contribution done by different activity. When every thing is taken care by the legislative, there may have to handled huge sum of money. Which increases the opportunities of corruption that media has the great responsibility to publish what they do and do not. For instance, political leaders take over the money for the society and there will be a chance of unknown advantages taken in the background. This can be revealed only by medias to the public this action from the side of media can prevent illegal activity by politicians up to a certain extend.

    Moreover, as a voter, citizen has the right to know in and out of a politicians. People can demand to check their background and what they are performing for the benefits of the society. For example, when an election take place people do not known whether a person is right or wrong. It would affect the entire society therefore, it is crucial that political leaders must have clear image and no criminal charges in order to lead society in an incredible manner. Thus, i believe that not all aspects but few parts such as education, criminal backgrounds ,family property, life story has to be published in newspaper ,television and internet.

    In conclusion politicians have a pivoted role to be played in the society. So, that publishing there private lives to community is essential. It can be immensely helpful to follow a great leaders

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