Do You Think Parents Should Be Responsible if Their Children Are Misbehaving/behaving Badly?

Do You Think Parents Should Be Responsible if Their Children Are Misbehaving/behaving Badly?do You Agree or Disagree with This Statement?

It Is Certainly True that Parents Are the Second God for Their Children Because Children Spend Most of Their Time with Their Birth Givers.So They Play a Pivotal Role in Raising Good Manners and Qualities in Them.In the Past, Kids Were Innocent and Obey Their Guardians.In the Present Time, Offspring’s Behavior Is Not up To the Mark and I Disagree with This Notion that Parents Are Solely Responsible for The Bad Behavior of Their Children.

nowadays, when kids become above eighteen they move out away from their home for further studies to make their career bright.they have to take their decisions on their own with freedom because parents are not always with them to guide them in any field. moreover, people are very busy in their working environment because they want to earn exorbitant amount of money for their future perspective.they are unable to put an eagle’s eye on their children’s activities and this results in raising bad manners in children. parents have done their duty to give comfort to their children and inculcate good habits in their them.

however, there is another class of people who thought that only parents are responsible for the behavior of their kids . sometimes parents fulfill all the needs of their children whether these are good or bad since their childhood. furthermore, parents do not interfere in the decisions of their children and they choose wrong path.children goes into the bad company and adopt bad habits. but I still believe that parents are not solely responsible for their children’s behavior. do you think parents should be responsible if their children are misbehav

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