Students Leave High School without Learning how To Manage Their Money

Students leave high school without learning how to manage their money. What are the reasons and solutions for this issue?

Sample 1: Students Leave High School without Learning how To Manage Their Money

Nowadays, It has been observed that student who graduates from high school lack knowledge of controlling their finances. I believe there are various causes and possible solutions to address this. According to me, one of the main reasons is also because parents are very generous in funding their children’s education and thinking about their stress-free life and even the absence of this subject in the study curriculum. However, this problem can be resolved by parents encouraging their children to take up part-time jobs during the summer vacation and introducing the subject of financial management in education.

To begin with, children in high school live with their parents, so they are financially dependent on their parents. Most students refuse to work while they are at high school. As their parents provide them with cash allowance to fulfil their needs and wishes. This is one of the main reasons why students lack the understanding of the realities behind hard-earned money, making them use it extravagantly. To give an example, In India, apart from basic needs, money is also received by students from their parents in the form of pocket money. Which is only intended to be spent for personal expenditure. Therefore, young people only really learn how to spend money and not how to earn, save or manage it wisely. Moreover, schools prioritize fundamental scientific classes above children’s exposure to finance management. This also contributes to the students’ lack of knowledge leaving their school.

To address this, parents should not unnecessarily support with finances and try encouraging their children to take some part-time jobs. This will make them realize the importance of earning and spending, thereby managing it in an effective way. Youngsters starting to earn with small will also make them ambitious to work harder to achieve greater success in the future in parallel with becoming responsible and better in money managing skills. On top of that, schools are advised to introduce money management classes. By emphasizing the importance of managing money, students get the knowledge to make good use of their allowances.

To conclude, the main reasons why students graduate from high school without understanding how to handle money are parents’ financial support to their kids and the absence of money management education in the classroom. Therefore, to solve this problem, parents are advised to be motivated. Their children to work part-time, and schools must revise their curriculum to include courses on money management.

Sample 2: Students Leave High School without Learning how To Manage Their Money

For countries’ development, different types of factors matter, and one of the most important factors is youth because the next generation is the main driver of the country’s development. Nowadays, high schools only teach children academics, so our next generation will work like robots rather than intelligent humans. In many schools, kids only learn about their subject and don’t have knowledge about real life, such as how to save money. There are several reasons for this situation. However, there are few measures to solve this problem. Both causes and solutions will be discussed further.

Consider the reasons for this case : The main reason behind this is a lack of knowledge among teachers, and some of them only got jobs by giving bribes to upper-level senior officers. Because there are still so many higher-level officers doing these types of activities against the law. Which impacts not only the children’s future but also people who deserve the job of teacher and become unemployed. For instance, in India, many individuals become teachers by giving bribes to selectors. Who select the job applicant based on his or her education or skills.

Focusing on the many preventive measures to address the given issues. To begin with, the government should take action against the committee that selects incapable teachers by making a law like a prison sentence of ten years or some other penalty. In addition, authorities should add a subject about money control or the importance of money in real life.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why children do not learn about money control in high school. Such as a lack of experience among teachers and the pressure of academic studies. To prevent this, national authorities should make a law or add a subject related to this topic to institutes.

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