Driving a Car Is a Valuable Skill and Should Therefore Be Taught in Schools: Writing Task 2

Driving a car is a valuable skill and should therefore be taught in schools. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Driving a Car Is a Valuable Skill and Should Therefore Be Taught in Schools

It is an irrefutable fact that driving is an essential skill for everyone in this contemporary epoch. Some people consider that it should be taught in schools. In my perspective, I vehemently disaccord with the given assertion, and I will explicate my stance in the forthcoming paragraphs with credible illustrations.

Scrutinizing the given statement and elaborating further, it is perilous for students to drive automobiles as they are prone to cause fatal accidents. They are too young and physically unfit to operate and control a vehicle. Furthermore, the majority of the nations have established strict rules and regulations that their citizens must drive an automobile only when they are above 18 years. The public is strictly forbidden from driving below the stipulated age limit. This rule is practised to ensure that no accidents occur on roads. Moreover, teenagers are getting addicted to unfavourable habits such as drinking liquor and smoking. If schools start coaching them about driving at an early age, then there are substantial chances for minors to consume alcohol and go for car rides. In order to avoid these hazardous circumstances, the school management should prohibit themselves from providing driving classes to their pupils.

Probing ahead, colleges and universities can train their students to ride a car. Once students commence their secondary education, they will be above eighteen years, which is not only the correct age but also physically strong to handle a vehicle. Pupils who are interested can take part in these classes if they wish to learn to ride automobiles. The staff should make sure that students are provided with appropriate learner identity cards before proceeding with training activities. The trainers must cross-check whether their pupils know all these rules and follow them accurately without fail. After becoming an expert, they can apply for a licence and can start riding on roads. Thus this course can be trained college and university people.

Considering that driving is pivotal in this cutting-edge era, adolescents shouldn’t acquire this skill due to age restrictions, health aspects and norms set up by the authorities. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended when they begin their Bachelor’s education, and university officials can train their wards.

Sample 2 Driving a Car Is a Valuable Skill and Should Therefore Be Taught in Schools

It is ostensible that in the era of globalisation, driving is considered the most prominent skill even though it has ample benefits in law, not life. Driving a four-vehicle gives an immense certification to fulfil the empty slot of life even though the school has numerous married children. Therefore, the driving courses must be crucial in institutions to provide accurate knowledge about car learning. However, I agree with the statement to an extent. I have some solid ground to defend my opinion, which I would like to explicate at length in the paragraphs to come.

To begin, it is simply that driving courses or making a huge contribution to society. However, driving classes must be mandatory in school because it gives the right path to the youngsters to drive the car will full of awareness. To be clear, there are plenty of rules and laws which juvenile and getting trapped in minor age just leave it they would become obedient and follows every rule of traffic from childhood. Moreover, the mental growth of teenagers already in the developing stage if schools tend to provide accurate knowledge of driving the car they grasp more lessons and develop an interest to drive the car with the safety assistance don’t for instance, in USA government recently open driving courses institution which is incumbent in all schools to reduce the roads accidents and fatal as a result thousands of students get enrolled themselves in their learning courses and also develop a skill of driving.

What is more, practical skills should be taught at schools for various reasons. This is because children but their intention towards the several activities in household chores starting from the cleaning and also be their parents with DNS a living standard at one point in the life despite achieving all these assets moreover, driving a car as a practical skill helps to engage with a study with more concentration thus leads to perform well in academic for example, in USA majority of students earned the first position in school those took a class of practical skill of driving in school. Furthermore, students will not be distracted from their goals while engaging themselves in driving skills because children get more focus on driving and lose interest in another subject.

To put it in a nutshell, the pen down says that the driving skill is vital for every child to get familiar with interesting roles and helps them mature. Therefore, the problem of driving would be reduced, and they get their license on credit time.

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  1. Driving a car is always a very valuable thing because we need to understand that how it will work and how it is beneficial for everything. Thanks for the information, subscribed your blog.

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