You Live in A House Opposite a Park: GT Writing Task 1

You live in a house opposite a park. A man brings large dogs to the park every day and lets them run free. Write a letter to your local council complaining about the danger. In your letter

  • say where the park is.
  • State how often this happens?
  • Give a description of the man and the dogs.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ankitha, a software engineer. I am writing this epistle to share the inconvenience faced by most of the dwellers in my vicinity. One of the residents of our community is bringing dogs to the park, which is opposite my residence, and he lets his pets roam freely around.

Furthermore, Main Park is situated beside the central library in Anna Nagar. It comprises a running arena, jogging track, sports activities and meditation area. Children and adults regularly visit this park at dawn and in the evenings.

Moreover, it is tremendously challenging for kids to play as the dogs are barking with loud noise and children are petrified of seeing those creatures. Youngsters are unable to run and jog since the pets start chasing behind them. The owner and these animals visit the park daily at 7 AM and 5 PM.

Let me briefly expound on the man’s physical appearance and his pets for easy identification. He is 5’10 tall, middle-aged, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He owns three dogs belonging to the German Shepherd breed, all of which are brown in colour.

I request you take immediate action on this scenario so that residents spend remarkable time in the park filled with tranquillity. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

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