Easy way to learn Articles in English grammar

An easy way to learn Articles in English grammar

What are Articles:- An article is a word used before a noun that indicates whether or not the reference is to a specific entity or an unspecific one. A or An and The are usually called Articles. They are Demonstratives Adjectives. There are only three articles:- A, An and The.

A or An is called the Indefinite ArticleBecause it is used when we do not speak of any particular or definite person or thing.”An” is used with vowels like A, E, I, O, U, and “A” is used with constants.

e.g :-  1.I saw a boy in the bazaar.

  1. I found an umbrella.

 “The” is called Definite Articles. Because it is used when we speak of some particular person or thing.


e.g:- 1.This is the man whom I saw yesterday.

  1. Birds fly in the air

 “A” and “An” is used before singular countable Noun which is used to represent a class of things:- 

e.g:- A cow has horns.

An elephant never forgets.

   The names of professions and occupations take the indefinite articles:-

e.g 1. His brother is a teacher.

  1. I hope to be a doctor.

The same thing applies to nouns such as hero, genius, fool, thief, and liar:-

e.g:1.He fought like a hero.

     2.  His son is a genius. 

    3. He behaved like a fool.

    4. Beware of that man; he is a thief.

    5. Don’t trust that fellow; he is a liar.

“A” is used before: 1.Words beginning with the sound of a constant: as a boy, a woman, a girl,  a car and a year.

  1. Such vowels as having the sound of “you” as, a ewe, a useful person, a unit, a university.

“An” is used before:- An is used before words beginning with a vowel or with a letter “h” which is not sounded as “was’ an eye, an hour, an honest. 

“The” is used  before:- When we refer to some particular person or thing;

eg:- 1. The house I have just bought is spacious.

  1. Call the boy standing outside.

*Before the names of some countries; as 

The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, The united states,

*Before oceans, seas, gulfs, bays, and straits; as

The Indian Oceans, The Atlantic, The Red Sea 

*Before rivers, ranges of mountains, and  groups of islands 

The Ganges, The Indus, The Himalayas

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