Environmental Problems Such as Pollution and Climate Change Affect All the People in The World

Environmental problems such as pollution and climate change affect all the people in the world. While global solutions are required to mitigate these problems, very few have been suggested. Why is there only a small number of solutions? How can these problems be resolved or mitigated?

It could not be denied that environmental issues have consequences for all countries. The problems like pollution and climate change need to be solved as soon as possible. Even though some global solutions have been addressed to solve these problems but these are only a few and do not show the results as expected. The following essay will discuss some of the reasons why the solutions were not successful and how these issues could be resolved.

Human activity such as transportation, deforestation, and urbanization cause traffic problems and the collapse of climate, and these lead to an increase in global warming. Countries are trying to tackle this by gathering ideas from youth around the world through youth exchanges and conferences. The ideas obtained from these activities are not applicable to all countries because each country has different conditions, so they cannot be applied in all places. Moreover, mostly the papers only discussed and not be implemented due to the budget; those are the reasons we still have pollution and climate change.

There are some actions that governments could take. First, all nations should create their own environmental organization according to their climate. For example, a tropical country forms an alliance with a fellow tropical country. So that the ideas obtained to tackle pollution can be implemented well considering the weather is quite similar. Furthermore, If the proposed solution requires sophisticated technology and requires a lot of funds, then the inter-state environmental organization that was formed earlier can create an economic system such as funding loans between countries to achieve success in tackling pollution and the ever-changing climate.

In summary, the global environmental problems could be resolved easily, but we need to work as a group in implementing the solutions.

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