Environmental Protection Part 1 Questions With Answer: Ielts Speaking Test

Environmental protection Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Environmental protection Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Question 1:- What can individuals do to protect our environment?

Answer 1:- An individual can do a lot to protect our environment; even cumulative effort can only make a change to protect our environment. An individual can start changing his daily habit, where we can reduce the number of avoidable things to preserve nature. For example, one can reduce disposable plastic bags and use reusable bags instead. This will reduce the quantity of garbage and will save our oceans and land from becoming dumping site.

Answer 2:- There are numerous initiatives individuals like to take to preserve their environment in daily life. I think the environment plays a significant role in a human’s lifestyle; without the background, every creature on this planet cannot survive, so a lot of initiatives like recycling waste banned the use of plastic help out overcome the problem of environmental issues.

Question 2:- Do you think you’ve done enough to protect the environment?

Answer 1:- No, I have not. Although I always try my best to avoid unnecessary things that harm our planet. However, I can do much more than that. Recently I started using reusable bags to take groceries from the supermarket. I always want to do as much plantation as possible, but I do not have enough time and space to fulfil my desire.

Answer 2:- Yes, I like to make a lot of contributions to preserve the environment even though I also banned the use of plastic in my house. I always carry a tote bag for buying anything from the market so I think I could like to continue to give my contribute to stopping the environmental pollution from my surroundings.

Question 3:- What can people do together to improve the local environment?

Answer 1:- At the local level, People can make groups and do plantations to reduce pollution & impact of global warming. They can also educate people about environmental pollution and its effects on our daily life. Small groups can be dispersed in cities, where they can be literate people to throw garbage at designated places instead of in public areas. At the societal level, dustbins shall be installed at multiple places so that people can use those.

Answer 2:- There are a lot of things which individuals like to do all together to preserve the aura morrow meant their hands even they organise a seminar which also gives us numerous lessons about the environmental importance. Hence, I think it could be a benefit for them.

Question 4:- What should be done to protect the environment?

Answer 1:- Plantation is the primary weapon in the fight against global warming. The more trees we grow, the more carbon we can capture in those trees‘ mass. This will reduce the rate of Earth’s temperature increase and avoid its side effects. Also, for other options, we shall focus on green energy instead of conventional energy to reduce carbon footprints.

Question 5:- What is the importance of environmental education?

Answer 1:- Until people are educated about global warming and its impact on the environment, they will not understand the criticality of this aspect. Hence we need to educate them about its effects on the planet and our daily life so that they can change their habits, harming the environment.

Answer 2:- As I mentioned earlier, every people like to organise a seminar about the environmental issue and also get aware the problems arise in their surroundings because there are thousands of problems which people neglect in their ambience with eventually leads to pollution of a planet could be increase day by day.

Question 6:- Is it essential to teach students environmental protection at school?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is imperative to teach students about environmental protection at the school level to be well educated about its concern and impact on planet Earth. Education about environmental protection at an early age will enlighten them about the criticality of this issue. Accordingly, they can imply protective measures in their daily life to counter the impact of global warming. Once children are educated about protection measures to preserve our environment, they will teach others to follow the same whenever they see someone going against those measures.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely without any doubt giving a lesson to the children who must be an integral part of their life because children are already in a developing stage, so they easily gather information about preserving and protecting the environmental problems by their hands.

Question 7:- Do you think it is necessary to make environmental protection a subject?

Answer 1:- Environment protection shall be a subject in students’ curriculum, and it shall be mandatory for all students to get passing marks in that subject. Further practical assignments can also be included to make the subject more interesting, connecting the students to the critical issue of today’s era.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely without any environment we enable to survive this planet we also do numerous of things which protect our environment and make a healthy and wealthy lifestyle so I think it is a kind of a crucial part of our life we need to protect environmental be lots of alternatives so definitely it could be a help to protect the environment by a single hand.

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