Some People Feel that Equality Between the Genders Has Already Been Achieved: Writing Task 2

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Some people feel that equality between the genders has already been achieved, while others think considerable progress will be made. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1

Gone are the days when a woman was considered confined to the house’s four walls, but gender equality has been a hot topic in society since it is a crucial issue and individuals have their perspectives. A few segments of people think that gender coordination does not achieve the desired equal opportunity in the modern world, and they demand to make real progress to fully obtain it. However, both arguments need proper security before forming an opinion.

The supporters deem that equality has been marked in some departments where females have equal rights and positions in major companies compared to men’s workforce. This means there is no discrimination between two genders and developed countries; as a result, women make an immense contribution to maintaining the economy of the nation’s environment. For instance, some popular beauty companies have an ongoing commitment to support female leaders in the organisation to promote the female workforce and set examples for society about the capabilities of women never being underestimated. In the present scenario, a woman is scaling new heights in every field of life, and they are going hand-in-hand with men in almost every line of work. To cite examples, according to a report in Hindustan Times, its printed article about women’s workforce gradually inclined over the past year and handle every critical situation with their presence of mind.

However, a counterargument is that many communities do not fully support equal opportunities between men and women, such as freedom in the workforce and government organisation. This leads to women being treated as side objects and used according to their benefit. For example, in some Muslim countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, women do not have civil rights and freedom to move freely as their desire. Even the government also neglected the importance of females in their nations. To be clear, women are not able to do work outside without the consent of the government; as a result, women face Oppression in their home country. Moreover, in some locations, female employees work for less money than men, even though they have similar educational backgrounds and work experience.

To conclude, I would like to believe that gender equality plays a significant role in managing the world conveniently. Therefore, females are the future of every country even if they give in infants to make their homeland alive.

Sample 2

Gender equality is a need of society in the current era. The development of society should not only be measured in terms of technology and a comfortable lifestyle. However, it should also impact society’s thinking about gender equality. A specific section of society understands that gender equality has already been achieved in every sector. However, others state that there is much more to do for gender equality. In my opinion, gender equality is already implemented in society, and governments have taken suitable action to ensure that.

As in earlier eras, males dominated the service sector and other parts of society, and females were considered only housewives. This mindset has been changed in the last 20 years, and Government has seriously implemented all its policies to ensure that a suitable sex ratio is maintained in all service sectors. For this, many schemes have been introduced by Government, including a reservation for female candidates in all government vacancies and free education for female candidates to empower them. There is also reservation of female representatives in government administration so that they can bring the problems being faced by females in various sectors of society.

On the other hand, many people argue that there is much more to do to upgrade the social status of females and more reservations to be provided to female candidates to increase their proportion in the service sector and government administration. Further, they advocate giving female candidates a special right to flexible working hours and a longer lunch duration to manage their house-related work. However, this may adversely affect the sense of gender equality in all people.

To conclude, I firmly believe that enough arrangements have been made by Government to ensure gender equality in society, and it has been achieved to the full extent.

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