Everyone Should Become Vegetarian Because They Do Not Need to Eat Meat

Everyone should become vegetarian because they do not need to eat meat to have a healthy diet. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The consciousness of eating healthy and staying fit is rapidly increasing between the youth, adults, and even the elderly. The source of consuming a high fiber diet inclusive of rich amounts of vitamins and proteins has gained popularity in the recent past. Some People believe that the only way to eat a healthy diet is to consume a diet that doesn’t include meat, and everyone should completely adopt a vegetarian diet to stay healthy. I totally disagree with the above-given statement.

Agriculture in India observed a sudden rise with the advent of the Green Revolution after independence. The Revolution introduced farmers with new technology like the use of high yield variety seeds, Chemical Fertilizers, and Manures, Pesticides, and insecticides. The crops grown today are less organic compared to the past. Previously farmers were only dependent on natural resources for the production of crops, but due to the commercialization of agriculture, a lot of chemicals are added to the seeds, which makes them harmful and unfit to consume. 

Consumption of pulse was considered the best source of acquiring proteins essential for the human body. The advent of Chemical Fertilizers not only made them harmful to use but also has caused a sudden increase in diseases like Diabetes, Gall Bladder Stone, and deadly cancer. People are becoming more aware and have adopted organic farming in their confined gardens to be less dependent on market products. 

The diet today which we consume is less likely to be pure and contains more man-injected proteins. The Doctors themselves suggest eating and adopt eggs and boiled chicken in the diet as a source of rich protein diet. People are more inclined towards exercise to stay fit for this, and they are advised to reduce their consumption of carbohydrates and substitute their meals with protein-rich resources. However, one cannot completely become a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. It is always a mix of both worlds to fill the stomach. 

To conclude, meat cannot be completely discouraged in the diets, as it is the only pure source having fewer chemicals in it. 

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