Some Think that Fathers Should Have Time Off from Work After the Birth of A Child

Some think that fathers should have time off from work after the birth of a child. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that male parents should take paternity leave once the baby is born. I completely agree with the statement for marital stability, and children reap the benefits early on and for life.

First off, if a father takes leave from work for spending some quality time with his baby and his partner; then, couples can make their relationship long-lasting. In other words, when the biological father is on leave to take care of a baby, then he gets familiar with the problems that a mother face while nourishing a newborn after birth. Both parents come closer to each other and help each other in bringing up their children. For instance, sleepless nights, logistics, and mental checklists like when does the baby take a nap? When does the baby feel hungry? So, such things help in bolstering the relationship of young couples, and their relationship remains long-lasting.

Moving further, paternity leave is helpful for the nippers in their early years. Infants acquire essential skills from their both parents. They will be equally attached to both parents. To exemplify it, it has been proved by a research that children who spend most of their time with a male parent, they are more social courageous and they have higher IQ level than others. So, they remain fearless and remove their false beliefs. For instance, mothers are soft on my heart. They do not let the child play with fire. But fathers, by nature, are physically stronger and balance than their female partners. So, under the guidance of a father, a child remains robust and take risks in his/her life. He/she feels more secure with his/her father. So, time-off assists in developing a child into a balanced personality.


To conclude, in consideration of above- mentioned analysis, it is ostensible that paternity leave helps a lot in making young couple’s relationships strong as well as cultivating essential skills in juveniles and reap the benefits early on and for life. So, it is good for parents to lead a blissful and more contented life.

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