Everyone Should Stay in School Until the Age of Eighteen

Everyone should stay in school until the age of eighteen. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education is essential to be able to live meaningfully. That is a general notion. A person who is in school till eighteen would have finished his basic education. It should be compulsory for all youngsters as it is beneficial for them; however, if there is an interest in non-academic education such as in sports or fine arts, that should be encouraged. Staying in school till eighteen does not necessarily mean they will be successful in their lives. In many countries, it is the norm that young people go to school till eighteen, and dropouts would have problems finding a career. In ancient cultures like in India, getting educated did not always mean attending school; it meant learning essential skills for life and then choosing to specialize in any field.

While most students who study until eighteen are more or less sure of a fair chance at beginning their career, the dropouts would often find it difficult. Getting a school certificate can mean the difference between a manual hard-working type of life or an easier, more comfortable life. In developing countries, it is necessary that all children and young people stay in school till they finish basic school education and being ready for university. It can change a country’s fortune. In the case of the Philippines and India, there is a direct benefit of mass education; it lifts the population out of poverty. Not staying in school till eighteen or completing high school could mean disaster for any country. It is clear that to be educated is the most desirable easy path to a fairly comfortable beginning.

On the other hand, It is worth noticing that many successful entrepreneurs are school dropouts, and they employ thousands of school graduates. That is the irony; some of the biggest corporations in the world were started by so-called less educated folk.

To conclude, one must follow one heart when it comes to the direction of their lives, and that includes education; if the choice is to be the proverbial sheep, then staying in school till eighteen is a must but not a guarantee of success.

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