Experimentation on animals for scientific purposes is justified

Experimentation on animals for scientific purposes is justified.
Are there any alternatives to animal experimentation?
Over the past decades  Experimenting on animals For the sake of scientific aspirations has been a debated topic over the news as many people do disagree that this is against the law of nature while I do agree that this can be one of the best ways to invent many more breakthrough technologies.
As Modernization has had its wings spread wide and is plunging to new heights, people assume that human science practicals involving species of animals should be condemned and an alternative method has to be invented. However certain races like guinea pigs, rats are the best living organism to conduct any newly discovered scientific technology. For instance to know the life cycle of human immunodeficiency virus, a potential threat to the human race which was transmitted from rhesus monkeys, the scientists were forced to implement several lab experiments where many monkeys were tested. Subsequently, they discovered the transmission route, prevention methods in case, if those experiments where restricted half the population on earth would be suffering from that disease. Owing to such circumstances we can positively rationalize the use of animals in medical labs.
Despite the fact that many environmentalists do complain that animals play a vital role in maintaining an ecological balance and scientists have been disrupting by doing practicals on them, I believe using animals for the sole objective of new inventions can be well justified. To explain in detail, across the globe the organizations which are involved in experiments do culture and raise their own animals and don’t captivate the animals. In view of the above, the actions are legalized and cause no harm.

The 21 century has also witnessed other alternatives for creature testing such as robots yet the operations are limited moreover needs thorough rehearsals to move ahead. Even Though, many people negatively raise their voices for procedures on animals for scientific trails I do agree that this act of examinations is worthwhile for humans as the advantages overweigh the disadvantages.

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