Expert From a Different Country Recently Gave a Talk at the Club

You are a club secretary. An expert from a different country recently gave a talk at the club. Write a letter to thank him/her and say how club members enjoyed it. Include the following in your letter:

– When and where did the talk take place?
– Explain why the members enjoyed it.
– Suggest another lecture to be done in the future.

Sample Answer for the Expert From a Different Country Recently Gave a Talk at the Club

Dear Mr.Clinton,
I hope your journey was pleasant and reached back safely. The purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that we are very much pleased as well as motivated by your health talk last week in our Free time club. It was our pleasure to have you as our special guest for our club anniversary on 15th December. Although December is a busy season in Florida, for you as many functions are scheduled owing to Christmas, I am grateful that your presence at Chicago gave us immense satisfaction.
As you are aware our Free time club is an organization for elderly retired people. We conduct group meetings, activities that support these people to refresh and rejuvenate. Your intuitive talk about being fit in 60 made all of them predetermined to exercise and eat healthily.
I would be thankful if you could give us your appointment in February as we have a spring special course for the geriatric population. If you oblige it would be another memorable event to host as your health talks are very inspirational.
Seeking a positive reply
Best wishes

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