Describe a famous person important to your country

# Describe a famous person important to your country

  • Who he/she is?
  • Why he/she is important to your country?


The famous person I’d like to talk about is called Banda Singh Bahadur, a well-known General in history. As recorded, Banda Singh Bahadur, together with his army, won many battles and protected his country from being invaded by some minority groups. Although he lived more than eight hundred years ago, his spirit of devoting to his country has always been praised by Punjab people.

His work has been included to the textbooks and his story adapted to several TV series, being appreciated by people. In other word, he is influential to people nowadays. Bom in Maharashtra, a time when the country suffering invasions and people living with misery, Banda Singh Bahadur was a fan of reading, especially those in military strategy, and by learning from two teachers how to ride a horse, to shoot, and to use the sword to fight, he became an excellent fighter.

At the age of twenty, he enrolled in the army and made many contributions in defending his country. During the time, he made him was known in his country and its enemy, too, who wanted to bribe him so as to conquest his country, which, of course, was turned down by him. Gradually, he had his own army and invented many strategies in defeating the so-called ‘undefeatable’ enemy, and became the nationally-acclaimed General.

However, he was framed and poisoned to die by the evil officials who were bribed by the enemy. I admired him for his talent in training his army and in coming up effective strategies in beating his enemy. What’s more, he made some poems expressing his resolution to defend his country and its people which are impressive. He set an outstanding example for one to love his people, and to be loyal and devoted to his country, virtues which are spoken highly throughout the history of Punjab.


The topic reminds me of Premier ZhouEnlai, a great person in Chinese history. Although he has been dead for over thirty-seven years, he’s always remembered by all the Chinese, Premier Zhou devoted himself to leading Chinese people to found the PRC and to strive for a new way of Chinese development.

I admire him not only for the contribution he made to our country but also for his personality. He was strict with himself and never made use of his status either to make any profit for him or his family or to be treated differently. He’s kind to everyone and his assistants were more of his family than his followers to serve him. Besides, he’s the servant of Chinese people, to which he lived up till he died. He’s hard-working, and he slept for less than three hours a day for years.

He kept working though he was suffering cancer in his last few months. He’s a person being aware of what’s right and wrong. He never made comment on an event or judged a person by his personal feeling. Thanks to him, many innocent revolutionists survived the dark period in Chinese history- the Great Cultural Revolution.

However, being busy with his work and suffering painful cancer, his body declined rapidly. On a cold winter morning, he passed away in pain. On hearing the news broadcasted on the radio, all the people burst to cry. On the day of his funeral, the streets were crowded with people who waited to say goodbye to him.

It’s said Premier Zhou is the only prime minister, for whom the United Nations lowered its flag at half mast. Premier Zhou is one of the most important persons in our history, who deserves the admiration of all Chinese.

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Question: How do people become famous?

People become famous in many ways. Some, like singers or actors, become known to people for their performance. Some people are famous for what they do, such as scientists, and their work makes a great change to people’s life. While some ordinary people, they are known not for that they are special or they have any talent, but that they do a great favor to others, and their deeds are greatly praised by the public. Besides, a number of people become famous just because they are offspring or have relations with well-known ones.

Question: Are there any differences between the people who were famous a few years ago (e.g. 10-50 years ago) and the people who are famous today?

There are differences between famous people nowadays and those decades ago. In the past, only those had made a great contribution to the country would be famous. For example. Premier Zhou Enlai, he devoted to making the independence of China. But now, actors taking part in movies or those singers easily become known to people. Especially those beautiful artists and handsome actors who are not so experienced, but loads of young people become fancy of them and even try to behave like them.

Question: What qualities do (all or most or many) famous people have in common?

Different kinds of well-known people enjoy different qualities. For example, those people, becoming famous because of their talent, must have worked hard before their ability being acknowledged. In other words, their insistence brings them fame. To those who are praised by their good deeds, they are in common of being warm-hearted, and willing to help others while expecting no rewards.

Question: Do you think people are famous as a result of some real talent or are they famous for some other reasons?

Yes, plenty of people become famous for they are talents, such as scientists and writers. Of course, there are more ordinary people becoming known to the public. For example, Quo Mingyi, a worker, has donated his blood for the past fifteen years, which moves people. I even set up a voluntary team for people to donate blood to those in need. People around China are familiar with his story and many join his team. People like him are called civilian heroes, for what they do is minor but meaningful.

Question: What are the good points about being famous? Well,

there is an obvious advantage of being famous, that is to make money. Most actors earn a lot, by performing in the movies, or being shot for advertisements, for people like them and their performance. While other famous people can influence the public, like Jet Li, he set up a charity to raise money to help poor people in China, and there are several celebrities who call for protecting the environmental problems or the animals in drying out.

Question: Are there any disadvantages of being famous?

There are disadvantages, which is unavoidable. To begin with, famous people enjoy less privacy, for lots of reporters would like to find out everything of them, their family, their marriage and their social life, anything may be interesting to the public. That’s why rumors of actors can be seen in kinds of newspapers or online. Besides, they will be criticized by the public, if they do something wrong or inappropriate, sometimes just an expression of their personal ideas. Even worse, their reputation or career will be greatly influenced because of that. The public won’t forgive them for they are considered to be perfect, however, no one is perfect. So the celebrities have to “act” in front of the public.

Question: Do you think it’s good for a child film star to become famous?

I don’t think it’s good. Children are not old enough to understand the reality. People prefer to praise them for they are well-known, leading them to think they are special or have priority. Being paid much attention to or being given special treatment, they may fail to develop a good view of the world. Besides, there are cases in China, some well-known children stars change a lot when they grow older, and they are no longer so cute as they were before, and sometimes, they may be hurt when others, somehow, make fun of them by that.

Question: Do you think famous people have much influence on young people?

Of course, famous people have much influence on the young. Many teenagers make them their idols and try to act like them. As reported, some crazy girls, fans of Fan Bingbing, a beautiful artist, even had a face-lift to appear like her. Besides, many students drop out of school, because they believe it’s not necessary to attend school. They got the idea in the TV series where wealthy students never are serious of their study while enjoying a wonderful life.

Describe a famous person important to your country

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