Speaking Follow up Questions a Cafe You Visited

Speaking Follow Up Questions A cafe you visited

Question: What kinds of people choose to go to cafe?

All types of people like to go to cafes. Cafes are nice places to hang out with friends.

Question: What is the difference between cafe and restaurant?

Cafes primarily aim to sell coffee – good coffee, different types of coffee – and things that go with coffee, like light sandwiches, cakes, breakfasts, and snacks; also, a variety of drinks as well as tea, for people who don’t like coffee. Restaurants focus on selling you the whole meal.

Question: Which do you think is more suitable for a family gathering?

I think a restaurant is more suitable for a family gathering. Restaurants are generally bigger and have more seating capacity then cafes. They have more choice of food also.

Question: Why do some people like to invite others at their home, while some take them out?

Some people like to entertain at home because they feel more comfortable at home with their guests. It is also cheaper at home. People can also show off their culinary skills. Some like to entertain outside in cafes and restaurants because they feel that at home they would not be able to give enough time to their guests, as they would be busy in the kitchen all the time.

Question: Apart from eating meals, what are the other things people do together at home?

People watch sitcoms and movies together, they play cards and other indoor games and enjoy each others company.

Question: Do you think it’s suitable to talk in a cafe?

It is perfectly suitable to talk in the cafe, but it is not suitable to gossip, because other people are also sitting very close to each other, and can overhear you.

Question: What are some of the disadvantages of going to cafes?

The main disadvantage is the cost. Most cafes are overpriced.

Question: What do people do in a cafe?

People sit in the cafe , talk to each other and enjoy their tea coffee and snacks.

Question: Do you often go to a cafe?

No, I don’t often go to a cafe. There is a CCD in my hometown, but I go there once in three or four months.

Question: Did you ever go to cafe when you were a child?

No, I never went to a cafe in my childhood.

Question: Why do some young people prefer to go to a cafe instead of going to a restaurant?

Some people prefer a cafe to a restaurant, because the service is faster in a cafe. Besides, they don’t want to eat the traditional food, but enjoy the snacks and beverages offered in a cafe.

Question: Do young people prefer to go to cafes or fast food restaurants such as KFC and MacDonald’s?  

Young people prefer to go to all these places equally.

Question: What types of people choose to go to a restaurant instead of a cafe?

Businessmen choose the restaurant instead of a cafe, because they can discuss things over lunch or dinner with each other. Cafes are more noisy, because they’re frequented mostly by the young people because of privacy.

Question: What do you think of the decor of most cafes?

The inside appearance and furnishings of most cafes are very important. The decor, if done in soothing shades, gives peace of mind.

Question: Do you often invite friends to visit your home?

Yes, I often invite friends to visit my home. My mother is an excellent cook, and my friends enjoy the snacks prepared by her.

Question:Do people in your country feel that they don’t really know someone until they have eaten together?

I don’t think so myself. I am not aware if other people of my country think like that.

Question: Why do you think eating is such an important part of socializing?

It prevents eating on the go in a stressed state, which improves digestion. Secondly, it helps us become open to new experiences and eat outside of our comfort zone. It also helps children learn the importance of taking time to enjoy food. Moreover, it allows us to bond with others over a pleasurable event. It helps us feel as though we belong due to our common interest in food with others.

Question:Where do people generally arrange to meet new friends, at home or in a restaurant or some other eating place?

It’s a matter of personal choice. Normally, people don’t entertain complete strangers at home, but sometimes one has to look at ones pocket also. Entertaining outside could be very costly.

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Question:When people are entertaining visitors or friends etc. in your country, do they usually prefer to go out to eat in a restaurant or to eat at home?

It depends on the length of stay of the visitors. If the stay is long, then most meals are at home, and only a few are at some restaurant. If the visitors have come for a very short time then they can be taken out, so that you get to spend time with them.

Question: When do people in your country usually choose to entertain guests at home?

Sometimes the guests prefer to have simple home cooked meals. Sometimes, they may not be able to tolerate the spicy food of restaurants. Sometimes, they may not be in very good health. In all these circumstances, it is better to entertain them at home.

Question: When people have family gatherings in your country, do they usually go to a rest aurant or eat at home?

During family gatherings, usually people hire professional cooks for few days in their homes, so that any number of guests can be entertained at any time.

Question: Why do some people prefer not to entertain guests at home?

Some people do not want to entertain guests at home because they do not want to go into the hassle of cooking, and they want to be able to spend time with their guests.

Question: In your country, how is the restaurant usually paid when a group of people eat in a restaurant?

Mostly, the host of the party pays, or sometimes people share the bill.

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