Speaking Follow up Questions a Park You Visited and Liked IELTS EXAM

Speaking follow-up questions A park you visited and liked

Question: How often do you visit parks?

I visit parks very often. I go to a park near my home, for a morning walk. It is a very nice park with lots of trees and greenery.

Question: Do we need big parks or small parks in the city

We need small parks at regular intervals so that people can enjoy these parks near their homes.

Question: Why is it important to have parks in a city?

Parks act as the lungs of the community. They are very important. As it is, we are living in concrete jungles

Question. What kinds of things should a park offer to visitors?

Parks should have shady trees, benches, jogging tracks, restrooms and water facilities.

Question. Should people visit parks every week?

Yes, people should visit parks very often, at least once a week, to be in the lap of nature and breathe some fresh air.

Question. Do you like Park in front of your house

Yes, I like it when I visit the park daily evening.

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