Speaking Follow up Questions an Equipment You Use at Home IELTS EXAM

Speaking follow-up questions An equipment you use at home

Question: How do you think modern technology has changed the way we work (compared to the past)?

Modern technology has revolutionized the world of work. Today, we can do in minutes, what earlier used to take days. Maintaining ledger books has become a piece of cake. Automated machines are doing repetitive monotonous work and humans are enjoying a much more convenient life.

Question: Do you think that operating equipment at work can ever have some bad effect on the body?

Yes. Operating equipment can have bad effect, if the persons are not trained to handle that equipment. Accidents can happen and people can lose their lives also if machines Malfunction.

Question: Do you think it’s important for employees (in-industry) to be trained to use the equipment at work?

yes. Training employees is very essential. Otherwise it can be very hazardous.

Question: Do you agree that older people have difficulties in using (advanced) modern equipment?

Older people are not so techno. They find it difficult to learn t the functioning of modern equipment s.

Question: Are there any disadvantages of using modern equipment too much in the home?

Yes, there are. Young people are so engrossed in these that they forget that they should interact with other family members. People become so dependent on machines like dish washers, washing machines and microwaves that all work comes to a standstill if these things do not work.

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