Speaking Follow up Questions Describe a Family Member Who Has Had Important Influence on You IELTS EXAM

Speaking follow up questions Describe a family member who has had important influence on you

Question: These days, people from different generations live together, do you think this is a problem?

No, I do not think this is a problem. In fact I think it is pretty good. Joint families have a lot of advantages. In joint families, young parents do not have to worry about their children. The grandparents are there to look after them. The elderly people of the family are also looked after well. They do not suffer from social isolation.

Question: Why do some children get spoiled at home?


Some children get spoiled at home because they do not have any supervision over them, when both parents are working. Sometimes they fall into wrong company, and sometimes they watch the wrong type of programs on TV. So they get spoiled.

Question: Do young adults in your country like to communicate with old people?

It cannot be generalized for all the young people. Most young people in my country like to communicate with old people. But, some young people do not like the interference of the elderly, and so do not like to communicate with them.

Question: How much do you think people should be responsible for their own parents?

I think, people should be totally responsible for their own parents. Parents have taken care of their children and made capable adults, so he is the children’s responsibility now to look after their parents.

Question: Do you think family relationships are important?

Family relationships are very important. Family is the best support a person can have in times of stress. Is the family relationships are strong, then children do not go astray and become responsible adults.

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