Speaking Follow Up Questions Describe a place where you relaxed IELTS EXAM

Speaking Follow Up Questions: Describe a place where you relaxed

Question: Do you like to visit movie theaters?

Yes, I like to visit movie theaters. Once in a month or two I watch a movie in the cinema.

Question: Where do Indian people like to go on weekends?


Indian people like to go cinemas, shopping malls, and restaurants on weekends. Sometimes they go to their relatives’ homes

Question: What do old people do to relax?

Old people go to religious places. They go to parks and sit on the benches and talk with others of their age.

Question: What is the importance of relaxation?

Relaxation is very important. It recharges one’s batteries. After relaxing people can work better and students can study better.

Question: How did people relax earlier and how do they now?

Earlier people went out for relaxation, to parks and for picnics. But today, people go to shopping malls and restaurants for relaxation. Young people sweat out their stress in discos and gyms for relaxation.

Question: What do you do to relax yourself?

Sometimes I go to the gurudwara. Sometimes I listen to music at home. Sometimes I go to park near my home.

Question: Do you think we should take a day off from our working?

Yes, we should take a day off from working, because then we can relax and go back to work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

Question: Do you think people can actually relax by relaxation exercises?

Yes, people can relax by relaxing exercises, such as yoga, and other stretching exercises. Exercises also release endorphins, which relieve stress and help to relax.

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Question: Do you think relaxation should include some activity or doing nothing is enough?

Yes, sometimes just closing ones eyes and doing nothing also relaxes a person. It depends on what sort of activities a person does in routine life. If a person does physical work, then just doing nothing can be relaxing. If a person does sedentary work, then other ways of relaxation are better.

Question: What are the ways people relax themselves?

People relax in different ways. Some go to parks, some go to religious places, some just sit at home and listen to music or watch TV. Young people have a lot of pent up energy, so they go to gym’s and discos to sweat out that energy, and relax.

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