Speaking Follow up Questions Describe a Person that Just Moved Home IELTS EXAM

Speaking follow up Questions Describe a person that just moved home

Question: Do people like to live in big or small houses?

I think mostly people prefer spacious and comfortable houses, however, it also depends on the family size. If it’s a big family, then a bigger house is needed and for smaller families, a small house is comfortable to live in. These days bigger houses have become a luxury because of scarcity of land.

Question: Is it easy to move house in India?

Yes, these days because of the packers and movers facility available in every city, moving has become easier than before. These companies not only transport the stuff, but also help with the packing of the furniture and all the other things. This has made moving a little less tiring for the person or family moving to a new house.

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Question: Where do old people like to live, in the city or the countryside?

I think that older people prefer the countryside because it is quieter than the cities and there is less pollution there. Also, there is usually more greenery in the countryside, than in the cities; so older people prefer that to the cities. The only downside to that is that there are better medical and transport facilities in the cities.

Question: Do you like to move house frequently?

No I don’t like to move houses frequently because it is a very tedious and tiring thing to do. It is a big hassle to move the furniture and other things to a new house and then setting up the new house. It takes up a lot of time and energy.

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