Speaking Follow up Questions Describe a Popular Place Where People Like to Go Swimming IELTS EXAM

Speaking Follow Up Questions Describe a popular place where people like to go swimming

Question: Is it important to swim?

Yes, it is very important to swim. Swimming is a great recreational activity. Apart from being fun it is a great way to keep fit. It is a new impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits.

Question: Should children learn how to swim?

I think that boy children should learn how to swim, and that too as early as possible. Water is all around us, even if it is a bathtub. Children should be comfortable with water. Secondly, swimming is a fun activity. If children were given this opportunity, they would do it readily. This will also keep them physically fit. As it is, childhood obesity is on the rise. Many modern schools have swimming pools in their campuses.

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Question: Who can teach swimming well?

Swimming can be taught by swimming instructors, who themselves know swimming very well. It is important that the instructor is certified by the proper authorities.

Question: Why can swimming help people become healthier?

Swimming can help people become healthier as it is a low-impact aerobics exercise. Swimming also releases endorphins, which aid in mental health. The joint movement made in water has been seen to prevent and cure arthritis.

Question: Should a city have a lot of sports facilities?

Yes, a city should have a lot of sports facilities, because it would encourage people to come out and do sports. As it is, lives have become sedentary, and so it has become even more necessary to have such sports facilities as stadiums, swimming pools and other playgrounds.

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