Describe a place near water that you enjoyed visiting

# Describe a place near water (such as a river, a lake or the ocean) that you enjoyed visiting

  • Where the place was
  • What you did at this place
  • Who you went there with
  • and explain why you liked this place

Sample 1:

The sight-seeing spot I’d like to talk about is called, Sukhna Lake, Viewing Fish at Flower Pond, a famous scene by the Lake in Chandigarh. There are some wooden pavilions, connected by corridors over the water. Loads of red carp and goldfish are raised in the water there, and people can enjoy feeding the swarm of fish swimming around. Above the water, there are masses of lotus and children are always happy to find some fish hidden under the leaves of the lotus.

I had several visits there, and the best time to go must be summer. On early summer, when it’s warm, waterfowls, like swans, return and reproduce near the water. Many photographers are attracted to take photos of wildlife, and more people are interested in discovering the blooming of the first lotus.

I prefer to sit on the bench of the pavilion, relaxing or watching the birds, lotus, and fish in the water. On times when it’s windy, it’s comfortable and enjoyable to see the waving wicker of loads of willows growing around the lake.

In July and August, workers can be seen being busy with harvesting lotus and leaves, with which people prefer to make teas, healthy drink. And the ripe lotus seeds which are sweet can be made into food and medicine.

Sometimes, I’d like to have a walk with my friends, around the area where it’s lighted in colorful and soft light in summer nights. Walking or sitting by the Pond calms me down, that’s why I am fond of going there.


I’d like to talk about a park on the bank of a tributary of Ganga River, the main river flowing through Kochien. The park is actually part of my community, which is open to the public. Small as it is, it enjoys rockwork, a summerhouse with a table and chairs, several benches along the river bank, a fifty-square-kilometer square, as well as a grove of trees, which attracts loads of local people and tourists in summer.

It’s an ideal place for people to relax. Many fishing lovers enjoy fishing on the river, where fishes coming from the Ganga River can be caught. The old living in surrounding communities spends a lot of time there. Some prefer to do morning exercises with their friends since kinds of sports facilities having been set up.

Some just enjoy the company of their peers, who either play chess and cards or chat sitting in the summerhouse. On weekends, many young couples would like to spend some time there some of whom just sit on the benches quietly and enjoy the warm sunshine.
The best time to visit the park is summer when the leaves of trees turn yellow since middle November, for which the park was made known to the public.

There are over three hundred trees which are said planted thirty years ago. It’s fantastic and romantic to walk through the woods by the flagstone, especially when layers of fallen leaves cover the earth. Years ago, the amazing scene of yellow leaves of trees in the sunshine attracted a photographer passing by, who took plenty of photos and shared them online. Since then, a growing number of visitors to Kochien would like to spare some time in the park, taking photos of the sea of yellow leaves. How wonderful it is!


Question: Why do so many people like going to places with water such as lakes or the ocean?
Because people can enjoy many things in places with water. For example by a lake, people can hire a boat and row around by themselves; many people prefer to find a sheltered and quiet place to do fishing; some may walk around to appreciate the plants and fish near the bank.

Question: What kinds of leisure activities do people like to do in places such as on a river, at a lake, etc.?
Take the beach for example. There are lots of leisure activities for people to do. Lying on the beach is a relaxing way for people to enjoy themselves. Most people will spend some time, playing or swimming, in the water. Water sports like water-skiing and surfing are also popular. Besides, people prefer to play games with a ball on the sand.

Question: As a place to spend some leisure time, do you think the beach is more suitable for children or for old people?
Comparatively, I think seaside place may be more suitable for old people to spend some leisure time. The entertainment and leisure facilities are complete on the seaside and the old can relax themselves during their stay there. For example, old people can sit on a terrace to appreciate the scene around while talking with friends.

Question: Do you think children and old people do the same types of things when Do they go to a beach?
No, they do different things. Children will enjoy themselves doing kinds of things, such as swimming in the water, collecting shells and catching crabs. And they will never get tired of making animals or houses in the sand. Old people, however, prefer to relax by the sea. They like to appreciate the beautiful sunrise and sunset; they enjoy walking with family in the warm wind or spend hours fishing.

Describe a place near water that you enjoyed visiting spend some leisure time swimming in the water old people prefer

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