Speaking Follow up Questions Describe an Important Place in Your City IELTS EXAM

Speaking follow up Questions Describe an Important Place in Your City

Question: Where do Indian people play sports?

Indian people play sports in stadiums and playgrounds.

Question: Do you prefer indoor sports or outdoor sports?


I prefer outdoor sports to indoor sports. I like playing badminton and cricket.

Question: What are the benefits of group sports?

Group sports teach us many things. They teach us cooperation. They also teach us sportsmanship, which means winning with modesty and losing with grace.

Question: How can children benefit from doing sports?

Children can benefit from sports in many ways. First of all, sports season physically and mentally fit. Then they learn how to compete and cooperate in sports.

Question: Should young people try dangerous sports?

If young people want to try dangerous sports, they should try them but under supervision.

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