Speaking Follow up Questions Describe an Interesting House or Apartment You Visited IELTS EXAM

Speaking follow-up Questions Describe an interesting house or apartment you visited

Question: How is modern home design in your country different to that of the past?

Modern home designs are very different from the past. Earlier we had single-storey houses, but now we have multiple-storey apartments. Earlier, that was more emphasis on the utility of the house, but today the beauty and utility factors are equally considered. Earlier, local materials were used like wood and stone, but today important and prefabricated materials are used.

Question: In your country, what type of home do most people live in?

Most people live in single-storey houses, but it is difficult to generalize for the whole of India. In metros such as Bombay, tall buildings have become very common. In the eastern parts of India where there’s a lot of rainfall, houses have sloped roofs, but in the plains, houses have flat terraces.

Question: Do people prefer to live in modern homes or the older style?

People prefer to live in modern homes because these homes are made with today’s climate in mind. These can accommodate more people in less space, which is needed In today’s time.

Question: What do you imagine people’s houses will be like in the future?

Houses of the future will be very energy-efficient. The focus will be on making tall buildings so that less. space is needed.

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Question: Why do people sometimes move to live in a different home?

Sometimes people have to move to a different home because they get a transfer in their job. Sometimes they have to move because of health reasons.

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