Food & Weather IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Food & Weather IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Food & Weather IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- Do you have a healthy diet?

Answer 1:- Well, yes, I do have a healthy diet and also being a sportsperson, and I am very serious on my daily by having boiled food most of the time to keep fit as a fiddle.

Answer 2:- Oh yes, of course. I have had the opportunity to study in the healthcare system, so I am well concerned about my diet, and I make sure to always balance my meal to get all the necessary nutrients required.

Question 2:- Do you prefer eating at home or eating out?

Answer 1:- Most of the time I prefer eating at home rather than having outside, but in some when I am out of the city I have to go with eating outside, but most I prefer eating at home.

Answer 2:- Eating at home has always been the best thing I will always encourage because that is what I really like to do. Eating the food being prepared before you or even by yourself gives an extra appetite when eating it.

Question 3:- Do you like ordering food to be delivered?

Answer 1:- Yes, I like ordering food to be delivered as it is the easiest and to have your meal when you are out of the city at that time helps a lot.

Answer 2:- I am not so conversant with this act because I don’t usually make orders for food to be delivered to me. So maybe I will say I don’t like that.

Question 4:- Who do you get food delivered with?

Answer 1:- Nowadays, there are a lot of food apps that deliver the food, just like zomato swiggy. I prefer both the app to have my meal.

Answer 2:- As I said earlier, I am not a fan of that act, but I could quite remember a time when my church on campus made an order for a portion of food once to feed ourselves with as a form of a small family party.

Question 5:- Do you eat meals differently now compared to when you were little?

Answer 1:- Well yes comparing having meals when we were little to now is completely changed from eating habits to the varieties of food just like when we were little we haven’t heard like chicken korma and many others dishes, but now we can easily have that dish once in a week.

Answer 2:- Of course. Because, when I was young, I usually loved to eat junk foods, but when I grew, I developed the act of eating from home, which I have been attached to up till now, and my eating habit and everything has changed completely.

Question 6:- What sort of weather do you like the most?

Answer 1:- I like cold weather as I belong from Darjeeling and the weather over there remains cold all the season, and now I have been used to that weather, so I like cold weather.

Answer 2:- I prefer cold weather the most. Because during these types of weathers, the skin is able to pick up its natural complexion, and it is also in its best because your skin is usually covered.

Question 7:- Would you say the weather in your hometown is suitable for working (or studying)?

Answer 1:- I would say it is suitable to work in summer over there because the temperature remains normal and a lot of people come in summer to chill out if we talk in winter then it is very difficult to work over there because of snowfall, but the local people are familiar, and they can work all the season.

Answer 2:- Okay, in my hometown, it is usually cold in the morning and very hot in the afternoon before it gets cold again later in the evening. But before it gets hot in the afternoon, every school will be closed by that time and students do not feel the hotness of the sun during their studies.

Question 8:- Would you like to move to a place with different weather?

Answer 1:- Well, I haven’t thought about moving to a different place, but in the future, If I get a chance, then I will definitely try once in my life.

Answer 2:- Oh yes, as I said, I really like cold weather and would like to move to a place where the weather is very cold.

Question 9:- What season (or weather) do you think is most suitable for work and/or study?

Answer 1:- We have four-season but the most suitable season to work is autumn because that’s the time when summer is in the last stage and winter keeps the feet on.

Answer 2:- I think it’s winter; I don’t really know if it’s because that’s my favorite, but that’s when I really cherish for students to be studying.

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