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General Reading Mock Test Section 1-IELTS FEVER

General Reading Mock Test Section 1-IELTS FEVER

 General Reading Mock test for ielts studnets section

SECTION 1Questions 1 – 13

Questions 1 – 6
There are 5 advertisements on the next page.

Answer the questions below by writing the letters of the appropriate advertisement in boxes 1 – 6 on your answer sheet. Your answer may require more than one  letter.

 Example Which TWO advertisements offer classes in London?
Answer B

 1 Which advertisement offers a flexible timetable?

2 Which advertisement is NOT for English tuition?

3 Which advertisement offers a school that has specialized its product?

4 Which advertisement boasts the newest school?

5 Which advertisement offers organized activities out of school hours?

6 Which advertisement says that you can visit and look around?

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 Questions 7 – 10

Read the Product Information Leaflet for the Marchmain Copper kettle on the next page. Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS, answer the following questions. Write your answers in boxes 7 – 10 on your answer sheet.

7 What can you use to clean stubborn tarnish and staining if your kettle doesn’t have a chrome finish?

8 What can using hard water cause in your kettle?

 9 What causes a rattle in the kettle when you pour water

10 Give ONE example of things that will invalidate the warranty?

Questions 11 – 13

Read the Product Information Leaflet for the Marchmain Copper kettle again. Look
at the statements below (questions 11 – 13)
In boxes 11 -13 of your answer sheet write:

DO if the product information leaflet advises that you do it

 DON’T  if the product information leaflet advises that you do not do it

NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the product information leaflet

  11 Before you use water from the kettle for the first time, fill it, boil it and pour the
water away.
 12 If your kettle is discoloured after use, send it to the manufacturer for cleaning.
 13 It’s best to leave the kettle on a wooden surface after boiling.

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 The Marchmain Kettle – The Traditional English Copper Kettle

 Made from the finest solid copper, brass and pure tin, this newly designed kettle is now
available worldwide. We are confident that you will not find a better kettle. By following the
simple instructions closely, your Marchmain kettle will serve you efficiently for many years and
of course, enhance your kitchen every day with quality rarely found in today’s marketplace.
It must be remembered that your Marchmain kettle will require regular cleaning to remove
tarnish and water staining which will appear on a daily basis during use (not applicable to
chrome finishes which require only an occasional wipe with damp cloth and light “buff up” with
a dry one). This is normal and we would therefore recommend regular cleaning to prevent a
build up of stubborn staining, but even this can be removed with our copper polish.

* DO – clean the inside of your kettle thoroughly, fill to level with water, boil and discard
before initial use.
* DO – regularly clean your kettle to prevent severe tarnishing (not applicable to chrome
finishes – see above).
* DO – remove scale from your kettle as necessary if you live in a “hard water” area.
* DO – place your kettle centrally over the burner, and use the low gas setting (Models
3, 4 & 4mw only).

* DON’T – fill the kettle with water above the center seam, which is clearly visible
through the lid aperture (dome versions – just below the spout).
* DON’T – use abrasive cleaners, which may harm the exterior or interior finish of your
* DON’T – use “Wire Ball” type de-scaler products which will damage the pure tin or
nickel plated lining of your kettle.
* DON’T – Place “off centre” to the burner, or use more than a low gas setting (models
3, 3mw, 4 & 4mw only).
* DON’T – put the kettle to boil with little or no water inside, this action could render the
kettle unsafe.
* DON’T – throw your receipt away; you will need it in the unlikely event of needing to
return your kettle.
* DON’T return your kettle for tarnish or discolouration as this can almost certainly be
removed with copper polish.


Marchmain kettles are entirely hand-made. Therefore no two are exactly alike and finishes may vary depending on the piece of copper used to create your kettle. Any minor blemish in finish can be regarded as an individual characteristic, which does not detract from the beauty or affect the function of your kettle.All models have a patented whistling device built into them. Part of this device is a ball and valve assembly inside the spout. The ball should always be free and you will hear this move when you raise the kettle to pour. This “rattle” is normal and does not represent a fault. If you do not hear this “rattle”, a gentle shake when the kettle is cold will usually restore the movement. Always be sure the lid is fitted firmly into its place before use.

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