Genetic Engineering Is a Dangerous Trend. It Should Be Limited: Writing task 2

Genetic engineering is a dangerous trend. It should be limited. To what extent do you agree?

Irrefutable, genetic modification plays an indispensable role in every nation. Howbeit, it has a detrimental impact on individuals in the country. It should be within limit while its demerits overlap its merits.

To commence with, there are a plethora of reasons why the study of genetics has harmful effects. The first and foremost reason is the higher risk of spreading ailments at the pandemic level. This is because, provided that researchers perform experiments on the genes, it has harmful consequences on the nation’s residents due to fear of the spread of diseases. Take Canada as an epitome, which showed because of experiments on bats, and individuals become the victim of corona owing to which it spread globally. As a result, it is deleterious for humankind.

Moreover, it also creates unpredictable outcomes, which is why it is detrimental to humanity’s holistic development because of its harmful radiation. It is not solely harmful to the environment but also to individuals because of the chance of spreading diseases and side effects on their mental health. Besides this, it also has a chance of endangering biodiversity. For instance, the administration of Canada prohibits Genetic engineering in Vancouver owing to its inadequate approaches to physical and mental health. Consequently, it has a pernicious outcome on individuals in the country.


Despite its several harmful factors, genetic engineering is justified as fruitful for the development of a nation because it brings drastic improvement in agriculture and makes them safer rather than injurious. Furthermore, genetics research is also advantageous for enhancing drugs or drugs. Take America as an example, which revealed that engineering genes are beneficial to enhance drugs. Hence, it is constructive development.

Having concluded, although it is beneficial for improving drugs and medicines, it has pernicious consequences for spreading diseases and their side effects.

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