The Table Below Provides Information About a Restaurant’s Average Sales in Three Branches in 2016

The table below provides information about a restaurant’s average sales in three branches in 2016. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The information regarding the approximate turnover of three distinct branches of the hotel in 2016 is portrayed by rendered by table chart.

Overall, it is vividly manifested that the maximum amount of transactions was in Vancouver, Georgia street, while the minimum transport value was in Vancouver, Dunsmuir Street, throughout the period.

After analyzing, it can be seen that the number of transactions in Vancouver, Georgia street was 854. However, in Dunsmuir street was 750, which decreased in Drake street, amounting to 390. Nonetheless, in Georgia street, the transaction was $10.69 as against $5.61 before reaching $9.02 in Drake street.

Probing ahead, in the case of Eat -in connection in Vancouver, Georgia Street was 405, which witnessed a decline of 47 in Dunsmuir street and reached its lower value of 200 in Drake street. Nevertheless, the number of Take – Away Transactions in Vancouver Dunsmuir Street was 392, which was escalated by accounting for 57 on Georgia Street and declined to 190 on Drake street.

On the contrary, the popular item in Vancouver, Georgia street, Dunsmuir street and Drake street was Chicken Burger, Chicken Wings and Chicken Pasta, correspondingly.

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