Government Funding Should Be Used To Support Sports And The Arts In School Rather Than Professional Sports

Government funding should be used to support sports and the arts in school rather than professional sports and arts for the general public. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Government Funding Should Be Used To Support Sports And The Arts In School Rather Than Professional Sports

The current issue is whether the government allocates their fund to students or the general public. Generally, people espouse the notion that authorities should provide funds to schools to support sports and the arts. I opine that government funding should be used to encourage professional sports and arts for ordinary people. This essay will scrutinize both aspects of the quandary in the ensuing paragraphs.

To begin with, proponents believe that government should use their money to encourage school students to participate in sports and arts activities because they can learn theoretical knowledge and acquire new skills. Furthermore, the authority should allocate funds to schools to buy some imperative equipment used in sports and arts. Also, students choose their careers in these fields if they are not good at studies, so government funds support sports and arts. For example, in the report of 2009, which was conducted by BBC news, 45% of schools bought instruments from the government fund.

Secondly, I vehemently believe that authorities should support the general public by giving funds for professional sports and arts to encourage youngsters to participate. In addition, the general public does not have the space to play professional sports and do arts, so the government should provide money, and solve this dilemma, so people use that money and buy ground. Moreover, because arts have disappeared, authorities should support arts by providing funds. To exemplify, in china, no one had an affinity towards arts, but after the government support, people loved arts and started practising.

In conclusion, I am considering these points from a personal perspective without a shadow of a doubt. I am inclined to believe that it is prominent to support professional sports and arts by providing funds from the government.

Sample 2 Government Funding Should Be Used To Support Sports And The Arts In School Rather Than Professional Sports

It is perceived that financial support from the Government should be used for school games and crafts instead of expert sports and arts for the community. I totally agree with this idea because school recreations and creative arts are goal-oriented and beneficial to the government, community and school children.

To begin with, state authority funds should be allocated to sporting and creative arts in schools because these activities are purposeful. Firstly, they are performed to train young children so they can be sports and art professionals in the future. Also, to make school children versatile. For example, Most Nigerian schools engage their students in sports and creative arts so they can be experts in these activities when they are old and polyvalent. Therefore, funding school tournaments and creativity by the Government is preferable because they have objectives unlike the public’s own that are meant solely for entertainment and show off.

Furthermore, the advantages of school sports and crafts activities outweigh that of professional games and art for the public. To the Government, when these trained youths represent the country in a competition and win a medal, it will bring money to the nation’s purse. Also, the community and the contestant will receive praise and prize from individuals and the Government for making the citizens proud. To illustrate, Tobi Amusan, a Nigerian athlete who won a 100meters hurdle race in the 2020 Olympics, was said to be part of the students trained in athletics during high school. Her victory brought many benefits to her, the country and the Government. Therefore, the result of the Government’s investment in school recreational activities will be advantageous to many.

In conclusion, I agree that school activities should have a monetary backup from the Government. This is because they have a purpose and are advantageous to individuals and nations. Given this situation, the Government should direct resources to games and crafts in school so that children will have more than academic skills. More money will be generated for the country when they become professionals in these fields.

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